Yukana is a wealthy girl attended upon by her three butlers, who appears in the one-off 'The Daily life of a Lady'.


Yukana is short and has a very thin build. She has dark brown eyes and wavy pink hair that reaches her waist.


Yukana comes off as petulant and stubborn, especially when she feels like skipping school. She becomes annoyed with her butlers when they fail to co-operate with her. She seems to be sensitive about some things like her friend Imada and her tooth crown (which she denies having).

In the seriesEdit

The Daily Life of a LadyEdit

Inside her mansion, Yukana is lying down in bed and throwing a tantrum about not wanting to attend school. Her butlers Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa are trying to persuade her to go, telling her not to be selfish and that school is important. As she continues being stubborn, Toyogawa suddenly yells out that she shouldn't shout too much, or her tooth crown would fall out. Yukana sits up and angrily denies having a crown at all.

Changing the subject, she asks her butlers to come up with excuses for her to skip school. They go one by one, but she finds their initial suggestions unsatisfactory. She is especially annoyed with Toyogawa, who suggests the excuse that her crown fell out. Asking them to put some more thought into it and try again, Yukana waits.

She finds the next set of excuses too ridiculous, and says they'll try a third time. When Toyogawa objects that she'd skipped his turn, she responds sarcastically that he'd only bring up the crown again, only to be aghast when he actually admits to it.

Nagase puts forward an excuse featuring Yukana's friend Imada, which annoys Yukana. She tells him he doesn't need to bring her into this, and proceeds to get even more irritated when the other two also use Imada in their suggestions. Losing her cool, she yells at them to try harder. This causes her tooth crown to fall out.

After a short silence, she admits that she does have a crown and asks if anyone has a problem with it. Toyogawa puts on a glove, stoops and swiftly picks it up. He rushes at the other two with the crown, and they shriek and back away in alarm. As he starts chasing them around the room, Yukana becomes agitated at them playing with it and yells at them to stop. Unable to take it anymore, she tearfully picks up her bag and announces that she's going to school, while looking for her crown glue.


  • In the character popularity poll, Yukana came in the 43rd place with 83 votes.
    • Her tooth crown secured the 79th place in the same poll, with 2 votes.


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