Yukana 1
Name: Yukana (由香奈)
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Pink
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation(s): Student
Other information
Debut: Episode 2 (anime)
Seiyū: Madoka Yonezawa

Yukana is a wealthy girl who has a crown tooth that her three butlers are afraid might fall out. She appeared in the one-off 'Daily life of a Lady'.

Appearance Edit

Yukana has fluffy pink hair that reaches her waist and dark brown eyes.

Background and Trivia Edit

  • She has three butlers named Nagase, Asano, and Toyogawa.
  • She lives in a large pale pink mansion adorned with white and grey walls. Out front is a big fountain.
  • She has a very stubborn and stuck-up personality and she seems to have a dislike for school.
  • She appears to have a false tooth because at the end of the sketch, her tooth fell out and Toyogawa picked it up, showing it to the other two.
  • She has a friend named Imada and her name is mentioned several times in the sketch with *** appearing before it. The reason is unknown.