Yoshitake Tanaka
Yoshitake Tanaka
Name: Yoshitake Tanaka (田中 ヨシタケ)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Brown/Olive
Family: Yoshitake's older sister
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada North High
Other information
Debut: Chapter 1 (manga)
Episode 1 (anime)
Seiyū: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese)
Sam Witwer (English)

"A friend is... someone who walks with them even if they follow a different path! Someone who can bear the burden of their sins! Isn't that what it means to be a true friend?!"

Yoshitake in "Power of Friendship"

Yoshitake Tanaka is the blond character of the main trio. He usually goes along with Hidenori's schemes, much to Tadakuni's disapproval. Like Tadakuni, he also works part-time. He has an older sister.

Appearance Edit

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Rubber Shooter

Yoshitake has a tall and slim appearance, giving the impression of a cool guy. His blond hair, spiked backwards, is his most distinctive feature. He is the only one out of the trio of main characters who does not always wear the school tie in and out of school.

As Rubber Shooter, Yoshitake had brown hair and wore a black long-sleeved shirt under a plain white t-shirt, blue shorts, and a red scarf. The most noticeable part of his outfit was his trademark mask. He fought bullies by aiming and shooting rubber bands from both hands, earning him the title of "Rubber Shooter".

Personality Edit

As a child, he adopted the "Rubber Shooter" persona in order to protect weaker kids from bullies and assisting the kids when necessary. The "Rubber Shooter" persona was forgotten as Yoshitake grew older; he only brings back his persona when playing with rubber bands. Yoshitake likes to engage in immature acts and conversations with Hidenori and gets himself into trouble quite often. Despite his bad-boy looks, Yoshitake is quick-witted and smart, as shown in episode 3 of the anime when he and his friends played trivia with ping pong.

Rubber Shooter Edit


The 10 chosen elementary students who fought Archdemon

8 years ago at his elementary days Yoshitake Tanaka was a known hero called "Rubber Shooter", along with Tadakuni and a few others. Rubber Shooter once intervened when a young Hidenori was being bullied and scared the bullies away.  Rubber Shooter, alongside Yanagin and 8 other chosen students, fought Archdemon and the battle resulted in a draw where everyone was wiped out.

Relationships Edit

Hidenori and Tadakuni Edit

They are his two best friends. He interacts with them more than any other character, often at Tadakuni's house, and generally causes trouble with Hidenori. 

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