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Yoshitake's older sister is a senior at Sanada Central High. Her brother studies a year below her at North High.


Yoshitake's older sister is slim and of average height. She has short brown hair that falls rather messily about her ears and forehead, which is kept in place with a yellow hair clip. Like Motoharu's and Tadakuni's sisters, her eyes are never depicted.

She is usually seen wearing the Central High uniform.


Yoshitake's older sister is strong and violent. She is not averse to picking on her brother and his friends for her own amusement. Yoshitake describes her as being 'crazier than himself'.  She flares up when certain sensitive topics come to light, such as her inability to find a boyfriend. In her desperation, she is willing to latch on to just about any boy, even if she doesn't really like him. However, she does have a softer side, which is only seen when almost nobody else is around.


Immense Strength: In addition to her quick temper and violence, her strength is what makes the main trio truly fear her. When enraged, she is able to throw a concrete block several meters without much effort. She is also able to pick up and throw Tadakuni like a ragdoll.


  • Of the three 'eye-less sisters', she is the only one whose first name is not known, as well as the only one whose last name is known.
  • She placed 35th in the character popularity poll with 232 votes.


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