Name: Yassan (やっさん)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Dark violet
Eye colour: Black
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada West High
Other information
Seiyū: Yoko Hikasa

Yassan (やっさん Yassan), otherwise known as Literary Girl, is a character in Daily Lives of High School Boys. 



Yassan's full appearance

Yassan is a high school girl from Sanada West High of average height who is often seen with her school uniform. She has long dark violet hair reaching her waist.


From what has been seen, Yassan is a hopeful romantic having written a book with "a boy-meets-girl scenario near a riverbank" and going to the riverbank in order to have a similar experience.

She shows an aggressive side to her, as she quickly beat up Tadakuni for not catching on to her trying to live out a romantic scenario. This is shown again when she jealously chases a classmate who was sitting at the riverbank with Hidenori.

She is shown to be interested in Hidenori and interacts with him more than any other character.


She makes her first appearance in High School Boys and Literary Girl where she pesters Hidenori at the river bank. She seems to always go there, knowing Hidenori is usually found there, to have what he calls "a boy-meets-girl scenario near a river bank". It appears that she has taken a romantic interest in Hidenori, due to the fact that she always blushes when meeting him and there being a time when Hidenori caught her walking with a classmate and she chased him all around town to the bridge just to tell him that they were just friends, so he wouldn't get the wrong idea. This is shown again when she chases away an acquaintance in jealousy who was sitting at the riverbank with Hidenori.

Boy meets girl

Yassan and Hidenori hold hands.

At the end of the anime, after graduating from their schools, Hidenori and Yassan meet each other at the riverbank. Unlike their previous meetings, they are calm and composed with both even quoting lines involving seizing the wind, and Hidenori ending it by saying "Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases". It appears that they get together, as Hidenori reaches his hand out for Yassan who smiles and blushes as she takes it.

In the manga, Hidenori keeps meeting Yassan in different locations like in the movies, in an elevator, the cultural festival, etc., resulting in more awkward encounters for both of them.


  • It is unknown what her real name is but she is usually called Yassan by her classmates.

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