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Yanagin is a member of the High School Girls are Funky trio and a student at Sanada Central High.

The bespectacled and tomboyish girl of the group, she is good at academics, full of crazy ideas and prone to violent outbursts. She was once part of the elementary school's strongest warriors to fight against the 'Archdemon'.


Yanagin is slim and of average height, with dark violet hair worn in an unruly style. She has purple eyes (depicted as pale in the manga) and wears rounded frame-less glasses. Her usual attire consists of Central High's school uniform, sometimes with the coat. She also wears a light blue clip to keep her hair in place.


When in junior school, Yanagin was well-acquainted with Karasawa. After he was injured badly by the Archdemon, she asked to join the team that planned to take her down. Being quite tall for her age and proficient at karate, she was made a part of the team.

During the battle, she was taken out by the Archdemon. She woke up towards the end, along with Rubber Shooter, to find that the entire team had been vanquished. However, their opponent had passed out as well.

After the battle, she was selected to monitor Habara, since the two lived close to one another. They ended up becoming friends all the way to high school. She also ended up quitting karate sometime in middle school.


Yanagin is loud, tomboyish and known for her quirky ideas. She values her pride and is often competitive and quick to anger. When angry, she is not above doling out vulgarities and engaging in physical violence. At the same time, she is friendly and outgoing, although many of her male friends too find her crude at times.

Among her friends, Yanagin stands out for her professed dislike towards high school boys and belief in the everlasting appeal of high school girls. This often gives rise to the strange situations the three find themselves in.

Yanagin is also diligent when it comes to academics and her role of monitoring Habara.