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Yūsuke Tabata is a college freshman and the older brother of Hidenori.


Yūsuke used to be the ringleader of the group consisting of the main trio until he went to college. Their idea of embarking on 'indoor adventures' came from him.


Yūsuke is a tall young man of average build, with dark brown hair and green eyes. His hairstyle resembles a mop cut that is parted in the middle of his forehead, with a few stray tufts sticking up from the centre of his head. He wears frame-less rounded glasses like his brother's in the anime, but wears rimmed ones in the manga. He is usually seen wearing casual clothes.


Yūsuke appears to be an easy-going sort and is much less outspoken than his younger brother. Like the main trio, he is not above taking part in pranks that would be considered immature for his age. He also seems to have bad luck with girls, which he tries to conceal by putting on appearances.

In the Series[]

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High School Boys and Older Brothers[]

Tadakuni's and Yoshitake's sisters call Yūsuke to discuss something, and he meets them at a café. He asks them what it's about, and they begin telling him that their brothers had all been acting out of line recently and need to be told to behave. Yūsuke concedes that they might listen to him.

Yoshitake's sister, seeing that he had arrived at the venue with a girl, asks Yūsuke if she's his girlfriend. He mumbles a yes. Almost immediately, Yoshitake's sister stands up and loudly declares her feelings for him, making him flustered. Tadakuni's sister notes that his supposed girlfriend hadn't moved an inch.

His deceit exposed, Yūsuke blushes and admits that she was just a senior at a club of his. Yoshitake's sister becomes agitated and asks him why he tried to show off like that, but he downplays it and tells them they should get back on track. The girls go on to list various follies of the main trio, including their stealing Tadakuni's sister's panties and 'being mean' to Yoshitake's sister on Christmas Eve. Yūsuke recognizes the last incident and tells Yoshitake's sister he's never seen her cry before.

She realizes someone sent him a photo of it, much to his chagrin. Before he can defend himself, Tadakuni's sister puts him in a headlock and he's unable to budge, despite struggling. Yoshitake's sister walks over and reaches for Yūsuke's pocket, only to be weirded out by finding someone's panties inside instead of a phone.

Tadakuni's sister recognizes it as her own underwear and snaps, breaking his glasses.



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