The 7th and final volume of the manga contains 13 chapters and 8 extras.

Outer CoverEdit

The main trio seem to be playing ‘kick the can’ on a grassy area. Hidenori, kneeling, reaches out for the can. Tadakuni watches him from behind. A little further on, Yoshitake is seen running away. The flap shows an extension of the area. Motoharu is seen standing close to Yoshitake.

Feature SpreadEdit

The spread shows Tadakuni’s younger sister and Yassan on one page and Ringo on the other.

Inner CoverEdit

A still of Ikushima.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of a smiling Habara. She has one hand behind her back and uses the other to pull a cap down, covering her eyes. The cap strongly resembles Karasawa’s .




  • "High School Girls are Funky - Pointless" (Chapter 19)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Wrecked" (Chapter 20)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Flat" (Chapter 21)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Frog" (Chapter 22)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Letter" (Chapter 23)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - 10" (Chapter 24)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Investigation" (Chapter 25)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Habara" (Final)


North High

East High

West High

Central High



  • On the outer cover, Tadakuni and Motoharu are shown to have dark blue (instead of black) eyes and hair. Similarly, Hidenori is shown to have brown (instead of grey) eyes.