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The 7th and final volume of the manga contains 13 chapters and 8 extras.

Outer Cover[]

The main trio seem to be playing ‘kick the can’ on a grassy area. Hidenori, kneeling, reaches out for the can. Tadakuni watches him from behind. A little further on, Yoshitake is seen running away. The flap shows an extension of the area. Motoharu is seen standing close to Yoshitake.

Author's Note[]

(Rough translation) Thank you for your love and support. May we meet again in the future.

Feature Spread[]

The spread shows Tadakuni’s younger sister and Yassan on one page and Ringo on the other.

Inner Cover[]

A still of Ikushima.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of a smiling Habara. She has one hand behind her back and uses the other to pull a cap down, covering her eyes. The cap strongly resembles Karasawa’s .





North High

East High

West High

Central High



  • On the outer cover, Tadakuni and Motoharu are shown to have dark blue eyes and hair. Also, Hidenori is shown with brown eyes.


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