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The 6th volume of the manga contains 13 chapters and 6 extras.

Outer Cover[]

Karasawa is seated on a park bench, with Habara sitting next to him. Ikushima and Yanagin are standing nearby. The flap shows an extension of the park. From a little distance, Takahiro is watching the group.

Feature Spread[]

The spread shows the event that takes place after the last extra chapter of this volume. Yanagin’s senior lunges at Ikushima’s senior with a wrathful look on her face and grabs her collar. Ikushima’s senior cries in fright and does not resist or try to defend herself, while Habara’s senior looks on.

Inner Cover[]

A still of Hidenori carrying his school bag.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Ringo. She is being hit in the face by a flying frankfurter, just as in Chapter 86.





North High

East High

West High

Central High


Additional Art[]



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