The 6th volume of the manga contains 13 chapters and 6 extras.

Outer CoverEdit

Karasawa is seated on a park bench, with Habara sitting next to him. Ikushima and Yanagin are standing nearby. The flap shows an extension of the park. From a little distance, Takahiro is watching the group.

Feature SpreadEdit

The spread shows the event that takes place after the last extra chapter of this volume. Yanagin’s senior lunges at Ikushima’s senior with a wrathful look on her face and grabs her collar. Ikushima’s senior cries in fright and does not resist or try to defend herself, while Habara’s senior looks on from a distance.

Inner CoverEdit

A still of Hidenori carrying his school bag.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Ringo. She is being hit in the face by a flying frankfurter, just as in Chapter 86.




  • Extra 1: "High School Boys and Assertiveness"
  • Extra 2: "High School Boys and Getting Hit On"
  • "High School Girls are Funky - On the Surface" (Chapter 16)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Poaching" (Chapter 17)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Grim" (Chapter 18)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Continuation of 'Continuation to On Bad Terms'" 


North High

East High

West High

Central High


Additional ArtEdit