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The 5th volume of the manga contains 14 chapters and 6 extras.

Outer Cover[]

Yoshitake is seated inside a train. A little distance away, Takahiro’s friend is conversing with Takahiro, who is standing. The flap shows an extension of the train carriage. The overly self-conscious girl is shown leaning against the end of the seat.

Feature Spread[]

The spread shows a railway station. Habara and a girl from East High are standing on the platform, while a girl from Central High sits behind them and reads a book. Behind them stands a West High student resembling Takahiro's friend. A label next to each girl contains their respective titles. Habara’s is ‘Archdemon’, the Central High girl’s is ‘Gigantes' and the East High girl’s is ‘Silver Devil’.

Inner Cover[]

A still of the Chemistry Club President.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of the overly self-conscious girl. She stands with her back to the reader, crossing her hands behind her while pointing her fingers to form two ‘L’ symbols.





North High

East High

West High

Central High



  • This volume's feature spread shows the only appearance of Gigantes and Silver Devil in the entire manga. Silver Devil is also briefly mentioned two volumes later, in the last chapter. Both names (like the Archdemon) are taken from the game Dragon Quest 2.
    • In the popularity poll, Silver Devil placed 61st with 9 votes and Gigantes placed 73rd with 3 votes.


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