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The 4th volume of the manga contains 16 chapters and 1 extra.

Outer Cover[]

In what is presumably a continuation to Chapter 54, Hidenori leaves Kiyohiko on the bank and walks away, while Emi squeezes the water out of her clothes in the background.

The flap shows the aftermath of Chapter 60. In the interior of Sanada Central High, the school's Student Council President turns away from her Vice President, while he walks away, glancing to his side.

Feature Spread[]

Continuation to the extra chapter of this volume: After his first attempt fails, Karasawa tries the same move on Ikushima, despite the fact that his nose is bleeding profusely. He is then shown to collapse before a worried-looking Habara, with more blood falling from his nose.

Inner Cover[]

A still of Ringo in which she is sitting on a desk, barefoot.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Central High’s Student Council President. She is making an ‘L’ symbol with her left hand.





North High

East High

West High

Central High



  • On the outer cover, Central High's uniform is shown as black, with a blue tie for boys.
  • On the inner cover, Ringo is wearing a skirt different from that of East High's.
  • This is the first volume to feature no additional artwork.
  • This is the smallest volume with respect to the number of chapters.


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