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The 3rd volume of the manga contains 19 chapters and 3 extras.

Outer Cover[]

In a classroom, Yoshitake converses with Chapatsu, the two of them being seated. Hidenori is standing nearby. The flap shows Mitsuo walking next to the shoe lockers.

Feature Spread[]

The spread shows two pictures. The first is of a young Habara and a young Karasawa, in which he is trembling in fright at her presence. The second is of Habara and Karasawa in the manga’s present setting, in which Habara smiles cheerfully and Karasawa appears grim. On both occasions, Karasawa is clutching the fold of his shirt and Habara appears to be trodding on his foot.

Inner Cover[]

Four students of Class 2-A are walking together. Mitsuo is talking to Yoshitake and Megane seems to be conversing with Motoharu.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Yoshitake’s older sister. She is raising her hands in front of her face with her thumbs covering her eyes.





North High

East High

West High

Central High


Additional Art[]


  • This is the largest volume with respect to the number of chapters.


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