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The 2nd volume of the manga contains 17 chapters + 3 extras.

Outer Cover[]

In the Student Council room, Ringo stands in front of the table at which Motoharu and Karasawa are seated. The Vice President is looking into a cupboard at the far end. The flap shows some stairs outside the council room. The Student Council President is sitting there with his eyes closed.

Feature Spread[]

The spread presents an alternate view of a scene in Chapter 21 in which Ikushima greets a student from West High. In the original scene, only the student’s back is shown. The student is revealed to be The Literary Girl, who is accompanied by Habara and an unnamed West High student.

Inner Cover[]

Karasawa and Motoharu play a game of shogi. The Vice President, carrying a box, is watching the game.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Motoharu’s older sister. She is shown covering her eyes with a palm.





North High

East High

West High

Central High


Additional Art[]


  • Karasawa’s and Motoharu's ties are coloured black on the outer cover, instead of the normal red-and-blue.


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