The 1st volume of the manga contains 15 chapters and 5 extras.

Outer CoverEdit

The main trio are at the riverbank. Hidenori is seated with a book in hand, Yoshitake is standing and eating a snack, and Tadakuni is pointing towards the river. A little distance away stands the Literary Girl, staring at the river. The flap shows an extension of the bank. Four boys are gathered at some distance behind the main trio, among whom are Karasawa and Motoharu. Karasawa, who is seated, offers Motoharu some snacks.

Feature SpreadEdit

The spread is titled ‘Prefectural Sanada North High: 2-A Class Picture’. It features two rows of students wearing all kinds of outlandish costumes, detailed below.

Front Row (L-R)Edit

  • Karasawa – Wearing cat ears on his cap and gloves styled as cat paws.
  • Megane – Wearing a maid outfit.
  • Motoharu – Wearing a cape, a diadem, and carrying a broadsword.
  • Chapatsu – Wearing a girl's seifuku.
  • Unnamed – Wearing a full-length teddy bear outfit.
  • Unnamed – Wearing an eyepatch and a black glove. One sleeve is torn halfway and the corresponding arm is bandaged like a mummy’s.
  • Unnamed – Wearing pants with a giant dark splotch between the legs.
  • Mitsuo – Kneeling on his chair.

Back Row (L-R)Edit

  • Unnamed – Wearing shorts and only the top half of the school uniform’s top, with a mini-tie to match.
  • Yoshitake – Wearing no clothes whatsoever, except a long tie covering his privates.
  • Unnamed – Made to look like blood is spilled all over his uniform from a nosebleed.
  • Unnamed – Strongly resembles Hidenori but for his hair. Wears a shirt reading ‘shota moe’ (ショタ萌え).
  • Unnamed – Sporting Saiyan-themed shoulder pads and spiked hair, like Vegeta.
  • Hidenori – Wearing a thin but extremely long mask, with a wig.
  • Unnamed – Wearing white face paint with a dark design on it.
  • Unnamed – Wearing his school coat but no shirt. The coat flies behind him like a cape and clothes pegs are attached to either nipple.
  • Tadakuni – Wearing a black afro and bushy chest-hair.
  • Unnamed – Wearing a wig styled like girls’ long hair, with a bow to match.

Inner CoverEdit

A still of the main trio in which they are seated on a bench.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of Tadakuni’s younger sister pinching the air in front of her eyes.




  • Special: "The Daily Life of a Lady"
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Boyfriend (Chapter 1)"
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Uniforms (Chapter 2)"
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Joking (Chapter 3)"


North High

East High

West High

Central High


Additional ArtEdit


  • The feature spread of this volume was adapted to make the anime ED.