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Vice President (副会長 Fukukaichō) (real name unknown), is the vice-president of Sanada North High's student council.


Not much is known about the VP's history, except that he used to be a delinquent at some point in high school. The Student Council President invited him into the council, following which he reformed his behavior.


The VP is tall and broad-shouldered. He has tanned skin, a rather rough and wrinkled face, a prominent nose and dark blond hair. He also has some stubble on his chin. These features, combined with his generally stern expression, cause people to mistake him for a delinquent. His hairstyle is somewhat similar to that of Yoshitake Tanaka. As noted by Ringo, he looks older than he is and she was shocked by his real age.

He is usually seen in North High's school uniform, preferring not to wear the coat and tie. However, he dresses up neatly when the situation demands it.


Despite his delinquent looks, he is kind and gentle. Being practically in charge of the student council, he is keenly dutiful and hard-working. In his official capacity, he does not hesitate to be strict with those who disobey rules, as seen frequently with the girls from East High. Like the other council members, he is 'overly helpful' according to Motoharu.

He did however use to be as wild as his appearance suggests, but this changed after being invited into the student council by the current president.


  • He placed 15th in the popularity poll, with 2,940 votes.
  • The manga never reveals which grade the VP is in, but he is a second-year student according to the anime.
  • The VP and Ringo are the only two characters whose ages are revealed in the series.


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