Toshiyuki Karasawa
Name: Toshiyuki Karasawa (唐沢 としゆき)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black (manga)
Brown (anime)
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Student Council member
Affiliation(s): Sanada North High
Other information
Debut: Chapter 6 (manga)
Seiyū: Yūki Ono

Toshiyuki Karasawa is a member of Sanada North High's Student Council. 


Karasawa is lean, rather tall and has untidy brown hair. He has a facial scar between his eyes that he got from the Archdemon when he was in elementary school, which he covers with a cap. He also has scars on his arm, chest, and back from the abuse of other girls.


He is a serious young man who acts stiff and kind but can act lecherously at times.

Since he lives next door to the Funky High School Girls, he is a target of their harassment, but because of their time together he always has ways to deal with them such as making them guilty by showing his scars. This also goes for other girls that he knows and he does the same with and they often apologize for hurting him.

While he maintains a stoic nature and shows no emotion, he has been shown to act scared, shocked or angry. For example, he gets nervous around Habara who he is hinted to still fear and got scared after accidentally angering Tadakuni's younger sister.