Takahiro Matsumoto[3] is a second-year student at Sanada West High. He is a classmate of Yassan and an acquaintance of the High School Girls are Funky trio. He is usually seen conversing with his friend and Karasawa.


Takahiro attended East Yada Elementary as a kid. He was bullied a lot by the Archdemon as a result of which he, like many other boys, tremble upon hearing her name even in high school.


Takahiro is of an average height and build. He has black eyes and dark violet hair in a bowl cut. He is usually seen wearing the all-black West High uniform.


Takahiro is generally mild-mannered and affable. It is stated that he doesn't understand girls at all, and he often has long conversations with his friend along these lines. He often finds himself in unfortunate situations due to others, but is nice enough to even lend his bicycle to a complete stranger.


  • He placed 32nd in the popularity poll, with 260 votes.
  • His hair is dark brown[4] in the manga's colour spread.


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