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Takahiro's friend is a second-year student of Sanada West High. He is an acquaintance of Yassan and is usually seen talking to Takahiro.


Takahiro's friend is of an average height and build, with brown eyes and black hair in a bowl cut. He is seen wearing the West High uniform and generally wears a poker-faced expression.


He comes off as relatively reserved and less eccentric compared to the other high school boys in the show. During his discussions with Takahiro, he is shown to have unique perspectives on certain matters, such as what factors make a girl appealing.

In the series[]

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High School Boys and Chit-chat[]


  • In the popularity poll, he placed 47th with 39 votes.
  • His friend Takahiro shares his full name with the guitarist of the duo B'z (a best-selling band in Japan). The other member of B'z is vocalist Kōshi Inaba, hence Takahiro's friend is referred to as 'Inaba' by some fans.


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