Tadakuni's younger sister
Name: Mei
Age: 15-16
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Light brown
Family: Tadakuni (older brother)
Occupation(s): High school student (first-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada Central High
Other information
Seiyū: Ayahi Takagaki

"Shut up! If you don't die right now, I'll kill you!"

Tadakuni's younger sister in "Power of Friendship"

Tadakuni's Little Sister (Tadakuni no imouto) is one of the eyeless sister trio and a first-year student at Central High.  Her name is mentioned once in the series by Yoshitake's older sister as "Mei".


Tadakuni's sister is of a short and slim stature. She wears her light brown hair in twin tails and is usually seen in school uniform. She is depicted with prominent, sharp canines which are seen when she lashes out at the main trio or gets angry.


Mei tends to get over-excited when anything good befalls her, such as in Episode 8, where she throws her bag far up a tree. She is quick-tempered and is ready to resort to physical violence, especially against her brother and his friends.

However, despite her strength and brutality, many characters (maybe including her own brother) are worried about her safety. In Episode 6, when she gets into a fight with a boy from her own school, four boys from North High followed her secretly to the spot where she was supposed to meet him, so that she would be safe.


Immense Strength: Tadakuni's sister possesses a great deal of physical strength, which often leaves the main trio in shock. She incapacitates Tadakuni with a kick to the stomach, overpowers Karasawa in another instance, and overpowers Hidenori and Yoshitake with a single hand each when they both try to attack her. She is also able to shake a crane game machine that the combined might of the main trio could not budge.