Tadakuni 1
Name: Tadakuni (タダクニ)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Black
Family: Tadakuni's younger sister
Occupation(s): - High school student (second-year)

- Handicrafts Club member
- Part-timer

Affiliation(s): - Sanada North High
- Pizza-Le
Other information
Debut: Chapter 1 (manga)
Episode 1 (anime)
Seiyū: Miyu Irino

"My name is Tadakuni. I live a normal life, attending a normal school, in a normal town."

Tadakuni, in Episode 1

Tadakuni is a central character and the straight man of the main trio. Like the other two, he also studies at Sanada North High. He has a younger sister whom he hardly talks to and who is stronger than him and his friends. He also works part-time at a pizza restaurant. His last name remains unknown.

He appears the least in the whole series due to his "ordinary" appearance and personality. This was mentioned in the intro of Episode 10, where the other boys conclude that he doesn't get much time on the screen because he's too normal and uninteresting.



Tadakuni is a slim teenager with relatively short black hair. He is usually seen in the North High school uniform. Unlike his friends, he is sometimes seen wearing casual clothes outside school. When working part-time, he wears the standard Pizza-Le uniform.


Tadakuni acts as the straight man of the group. He is usually involved in Hidenori's and Yoshitake's wild ideas despite his disapproval. He is good at making up stories that notably excite the other two. Despite being introduced as the main protagonist, he gets the least roles in the trio and at one point, does not show up across several sketches. For the most part, Tadakuni seems to be quite normal, although he does have a knack for reading a situation when not actively part of it. When it comes to his relationships with his friends, he tends to overthink and sometimes worry that they aren't close enough.



Nago is Tadakuni's friend and co-worker at Pizza-Le, whom he addresses with the honorary suffix -san. He respects her knowledge and judgement regarding various matters and is generally seen asking her questions. He does not mind opening up to her about his worry that his friends were neglecting him, showing the two to be quite close. In addition, both Tadakuni and Yasunori seem to be smitten by Nago's alternate appearance - the Convex Mirror girl.

Yoshitake and Hidenori Edit

The two are his best friends. Despite the fact that he often doesn't understand some of their roleplays and maintains a sense of reality no matter how far into the game the other two are getting, neither ever chastises him for ruining the game or for taking the fun out of it. Rather, Tadakuni's 'one clueless character' is a common trope in their 'adventures'.

They always seem to enjoy his company, but Tadakuni feels a great amount of isolation in the trio at certain stages, feeling like he's the odd one out or that they might be holding themselves back around him because he's not on their wavelength.

Tadakuni seems not to be able to read the atmosphere as well as they do, getting punched by the Literary Girl when he interrupts them as they make up great serious lines to fulfill her dreamy romantic-encounter ambitions. Hidenori, however, recognised this as Tadakuni reading the situation accurately and trying to subvert it. In another instance, he tries to assist the overly self-conscious girl when she kept embarrassing herself.

He always shows great courage when he thinks about trying to be better friends with them, never giving up despite his paranoid self isolation - although sometimes he mistakes them for another unknown pair while trying to talk to them.

Tadakuni's younger sister Edit

They don't have a good relationship and it's said that they talk to each other around once a month. Tadakuni, despite his "normalcy", goes along with pranks involving her underwear. She tends to listen in on his conversations with Yoshitake and Hidenori and it's because of this that she also gets carried away by his made up stories.