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The Student Council President (生徒会長, Seito Kaichō) (SCP) is the unnamed president of Sanada North High's Student Council.


At some point in the past, the Vice President was well known for being a delinquent. Despite this, the SCP invited him into North High's student council, helping him reform himself.


He is a lean teenage boy with black eyes and blond, messy hair that hangs over his forehead in prominent bangs. As a Sanada North High student, he wears his school's standard uniform, which is a white shirt with a red-blue necktie, dark blue pants and jacket. He is usually seen with the shirt un-tucked.


The SCP comes off as an energetic and cheerful person. In stark contrast to his colleagues, he shows almost no interest in council duties, preferring to engage in other activities such as playing Dragon Quest. However, this might be because he knows they are better at the job than he is. He is known to tidy up the council room occasionally.

Despite his good looks and charisma, he is dismissed as being clueless by certain others. However, he can be very perceptive when he wants to, such as when he guessed exactly what was going through Ringo's head and took advantage of her firebrand nature to start a fight. 

He is also a bit of a pervert, somehow showing up at an opportunity to look at Ringo's underwear, and leaving immediately afterwards without feeling guilty like the others.


  • He fared very well in the character popularity poll, coming in at 4th place with 13,779 votes.
  • His appearance bears some resemblance to Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII.


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