The following is a list of schools in the series.

Sanada North High

Schools[edit | edit source]

  1. Sanada North High - The all-boys school of the main trio and most boys among the main cast.
  2. Sanada East High - An all-girls school attended by Ringo and Ikushima.
  3. Sanada West High - A school attended by Yassan and Takahiro, among others.
  4. Sanada Central High - The co-ed school which Tadakuni's younger sister and Yanagin go to.
  5. East Yada Elementary - An elementary school which spawned the legend of the Archdemon.
  6. Gowa Middle School - A middle school (not known if all-girls or co-ed) that makes a one-off appearance in Chapter 28. The girls' uniform is a teal-and-white seifuku with yellow ribbons.
  7. Unnamed schools, such as the ones attended by the girl on the train (which has a light blue and white uniform) and other minor characters.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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