Rubber Shooter
Rubber Shooter 1
Name: Rubber Shooter
Age: 7-9
Hair colour: Dark brown
Affiliation(s): Team 10
Other information
Debut: Chapter 29 (manga)
Episode 5 (anime)
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Rubber Shooter was the name of a persona known as a hero when the main trio were in junior school. It is revealed to be an identity assumed by a group of kids, which included Yoshitake, Tadakuni and Mitsuo among others.


Rubber Shooter wears a distinctive outfit. It comprises of a white T-shirt with long dark sleeves, blue shorts and white sneakers. The most noticeable features are his long red scarf and oval-shaped grey mask. The mask has a long white strip running down the middle from which a pair of yellow triangles protrude on either side like antennae. It has large green eye-holes resembling those of an insect, connected by a short horizontal white strip. In all his appearances, he is shown having dark brown hair.