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Ringo-chan (りんごちゃん) is a third-year student at Sanada East High and the president of their Student Council. After the events of the joint school festival, she becomes a regular fixture in North High’s council room. She is a recurring character in the series.


Ringo has big brown eyes and short auburn hair, which is usually kept in place by a light-green hair clip. She is quite tiny in stature, a fact that she feels rather insecure about. Her most notable trait is the perpetual blush on her cheeks. Her appearance becomes somewhat feline when she’s excited.

She is usually seen wearing the standard uniform of Sanada East High, complete with a grey jacket.


Ringo is well known for being haughty, yet air-headed. In her initial appearances, she is shown to believe that high school boys are good-for-nothing and cannot match up to girls, which quickly turns into an inferiority complex whenever they do manage to outdo girls. To mask this, she becomes very competitive and full of pride, seeking chances to one-up the boys at North High whenever she can.[4]

I can't stand it

Ringo can't stand the North High Student Council's good manners

Later, she displays such behaviour to a much smaller extent. Ringo is also a scatter-brain of nearly epic proportions. She tends to get lost in her thoughts and fails to hear others speaking directly to her, gets distracted easily (chiefly by food) and sometimes interprets a situation to be the exact opposite of what it really is. Due to this, she is gullible and gets tricked easily and regularly by North High’s council members, but seems to have learned to give them a taste of their own medicine at the very end of the manga.[5]

Ringo is otherwise known for her large appetite, fondness for cats and being a very heavy sleeper. She is also quite popular and gets hit on easily due to her good looks. Takahiro's and his friend's description of the 'cutest possible girl' is a dead ringer for Ringo.[6]


  • Her real name is never revealed. ‘Ringo-chan’ is the North High council president’s nickname for her, which everyone else also uses.
  • The nickname "Ringo-chan" could be based on the following:
    • "Ringo" means "apple" in Japanese. This ties in with her trait of having a permanent blush beneath her eyes in the area known as the "apple of the cheek".
    • A reference to Ringo Starr, the famous drummer of the Beatles.
  • Ringo placed 13th in the character popularity poll with 3,330 votes.
  • Along with the Vice President, she is one of the only two characters whose ages are known.


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