Nago-san 1
Name: Nago (奈古)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada Central High
Other information
Seiyū: Junko Minagawa.

Nago is one of the female characters in Daily Lives of High School Boys.


Nago has brown eyes, medium-length black hair and wears rounded rectangular eyeglasses. She is rather plump, and is depicted with wrinkles on her face in the manga. At work she wears a red kerchief as a bandanna and removes it when she's going home.


Nago studies at Central High. She also works part-time at Pizza-Le with Tadakuni and Yasunori. She is a fastidious worker who sometimes gets annoyed by her male co-workers’ narcissism but doesn’t fail to humor them once in a while. She acts as a confidante to Tadakuni and gives him advice.

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Nago-san's other look inside the Central High School with Yanagin (Episode 8)

  Later in the series, a different Nago appeared; this Nago is depicted to be slimmer and does not have wrinkles, different characters are used in her name, and she is not referred to with the honorific “-san.” She still has her eyeglasses and, queerly, wears the red kerchief from the pizzeria, which the first Nago removes outside work. Going to the same school, Yanagi considers her as a rival in academics and skills and challenges her frequently. Despite not knowing who Yanagi is, Nago humors her challenger and surpasses her in every aspect.

Epilogue - "High School Boys and Extras" Edit


Tadakuni and Nago at the Culture Festival

While the relationship between the two Nagos is up for debate, a scene in an extra chapter of the manga’s final volume depicting the second Nago with Tadakuni at the Culture Festival implies that they are one and the same.