Nago is a student at Sanada Central High and a co-worker of Tadakuni and Yasunori at Pizza-Le.


Nago is well-known for having various avatars in the series. In general, she has brown eyes, medium-length black hair and wears rounded rectangular eyeglasses. She is rather tall.

In her Pizza-Le appearances, she is rather plump, and is depicted with wrinkles on her face in the manga. At work, she wears a plain red kerchief as a bandanna (a patterned one in the manga) and removes it when she's going home.

As the convex mirror girl, she has a petite figure and no glasses. She is shown wearing her work uniform (and her school uniform in the anime).

In later appearances at Central High and elsewhere, she is shown being tall but with a far slimmer frame and facial features. There are also no wrinkles on her face. This Nago always wears a red bandanna.


Nago is generally reserved and composed. She sometimes gets annoyed by her male co-workers’ narcissism but doesn’t fail to humor them once in a while. She acts as a confidante to Tadakuni and gives him advice, sometimes getting exasperated with his self-conscious behaviour.

She also appears to be a diligent worker, both at her part-time job and in school.



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Being outranked by Nago in academics, Yanagin considers her a rival and challenges her frequently. Despite not knowing who Yanagin is, Nago humors her challenger and surpasses her in every aspect.


Strength: Nago is quite strong. When sparring with Yanagin, a single blow by her to her opponent's stomach is enough to make Yanagin sink to the ground in pain and throw up multiple times.

Nago also has a great appetite and is able to finish a jumbo ramen bowl in mere seconds.[3]

The Two NagosEdit

Nago CH

Nago's other look inside Central High with Yanagin

In her initial appearances in the series, Nago is shown as her Pizza-Le avatar as described above. Later, in the HSGF shorts, the Central High Nago shows up for the first time, and both seem to have similar personalities. Aside from the differences in appearance, the CH Nago's name is spelled with different kanji characters (名護 as opposed to the earlier 奈古) and she wears a bandanna at all times in the exact same style as the PL Nago, something the PL Nago hates doing outside work.

Nago CH manga

Tadakuni and Nago at the Cultural Festival

The two Nagos even show up as distinct entries in the popularity poll. However, in the epilogue of the series, Tadakuni is shown walking with the CH Nago (whom he is otherwise never shown to be acquainted with). Given these seemingly contradictory details, the relationship between both avatars is unclear.

It could be that they are different people, and that Tadakuni is friends with both of them. On the other hand, the PL Nago never reappears in the series after the CH Nago's introduction. Hence, it could be that they are the same person, and that the CH Nago is the PL Nago after getting slimmer and losing her aversion to her bandanna.


  • In the popularity poll, the three versions of Nago occupy distinct positions of their own:
    • Nago (Central High version) - 8th place, with 5,363 votes.
    • Nago (Pizzeria version) - 14th place, with 3,068 votes.
    • Convex mirror girl - 20th place, with 1,258 votes.
  • Nago's height is 171 cm[4]. This makes her the only character whose height is known.


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