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Nago is a student at Sanada Central High and a co-worker of Tadakuni and Yasunori at Pizza-Le.


Nago has brown eyes, medium-length black hair and wears rounded rectangular eyeglasses. She is rather tall and plump, and is depicted with wrinkles on her face in the manga. At work, she wears a red kerchief as a bandanna and removes it when she's going home.


Nago is generally reserved and composed. She sometimes gets annoyed by her male co-workers’ narcissism but doesn’t fail to humor them once in a while. She acts as a confidante to Tadakuni and gives him advice, sometimes getting exasperated with his self-conscious behaviour.

She also appears to be a diligent worker, both at her part-time job and in school.

High School Girls Are FunkyEdit

Nago CH

Nago's other look inside Central High with Yanagin

Later in the series, a different Nago appears inside Central High. This Nago is depicted to be slimmer and does not have wrinkles, and different kanji characters are used in her name. She still has her glasses and, queerly, wears the red kerchief from the pizzeria in school, which the first Nago removes outside work. Being outranked by Nago in academics, Yanagin considers her as a rival and challenges her frequently. Despite not knowing who Yanagin is, Nago humors her challenger and surpasses her in every aspect.

Nago's pizzeria avatar does not make a return in the series after the second avatar's appearance.

Epilogue - "High School Boys and Extras"Edit

Nago CH manga

While the relationship between the two Nagos is up for debate, a scene in the epilogue of the manga depicts the second Nago with Tadakuni at the cultural festival, implying that they are one and the same.



  • In the popularity poll, the three versions of Nago occupy distinct positions of their own:
    • Nago (Central High version) - 8th place, with 5,363 votes.
    • Nago (Pizzeria version) - 14th place, with 3,068 votes.
    • Convex mirror girl - 20th place, with 1,258 votes.
  • Nago's height is 171 cm[3]. This makes her the only character whose height is known.


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