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The cover of the album 'Ohisama' by Amesaki Annainin

The anime features a selection of music from songs by established artists as well as original compositions. These are used as opening/ending themes for the episodes and background music during the sketches.

Openings and Endings[]

Name Artist Episode(s)
1. Shiny Tale Mix Speaker's, Inc.
1 - 11 (OP)
12 (ED)
2. THE・Literature Girl (THE・文学少女) ENA 1 (ED)
3. Ohisama (おひさま) Amesaki Annainin
2 - 11 (ED)
12 (OP)

Insert Song[]

Name Artist Episode
Capsule Mix Speaker's, Inc.


The official soundtrack to the show features 44 tracks. Most of them are used as background music within the sketches, while some are reserved for transition scenes.

For the track listing, see Music/Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou OST and Music/Shiny Tale (Type-C).


  • Amesaki Annainin (2010 - sometime before 2020): The creators of 'Ohisama'. At the time of the song's creation, the three members of the group were Haretarō Amenochi, Cosame Nishiyama and Saitō Shunsuke. The latter two left in December 2013 to pursue solo careers, and the group was effectively disbanded.[1] Over a year later, Amenochi revived the band as a 5-member group. Afterwards, in early 2017, three members departed and Amenochi continued to perform with Nakajima Motoyoshi as a duo.[2][3]

    Some time later, the band closed down once more. As of 2020, the official Twitter handle continues to be operated by Amenochi.[4]
  • Audio Highs: An artist known for their work in making soundtracks for various anime, most notably all the seasons of Gintama. Almost all of the Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou OST was created by them.
  • Mix Speaker's, Inc. (2006-2018): The creators of 'Shiny Tale' and 'Capsule'. The band consisted of 7 members, namely Aya, Keiji, Miki, Nika, S, seek and YUKI. The latter two have respectively composed and written lyrics for many of their songs. The group was known for using elaborate fantasy-themed costumes during live performances and music videos. YUKI left the band prior to their disbandment in 2018.[5]
  • ENA: A singer and lyricist known for working on various anime, often in collaboration with other artists. ENA provided the vocals for the Literary Girl song.
  • Hiroaki Takeuchi: A singer known for his work in anime and video games, including the Splatoon series. He provided the vocals for a few tracks in the Nichibros OST, including 'Daily Lives of High School Boys Song', which was used as the theme song for the promotional shorts.


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