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"I feel like... I'm forgetting something... but it doesn't matter."

Motoharu, in "High School Boys and Bikes"

Motoharu is a member of Sanada North High’s student council and is a recurring character in the series. He is also a good friend and classmate of the main trio. Like others in the student council, he has an intimidating appearance; he is sometimes referred to as a delinquent.

His older sister Mino studies at West High.


In the past, Motoharu attended East Yada Elementary, which was tyrannized by the Archdemon. He notably carried out a practical joke in which he exchanged Mitsuo's shoes with Habara's, but the two of them graduated elementary school without ever realizing it.


Motoharu is fairly tall and of average build, with brown eyes and medium-length black hair. Like his friends, he is usually seen in the North High uniform. He is generally loose with the dress code; not wearing a tie or jacket, or even keeping his shirt unbuttoned, although he does dress up when needed.

Motoharu’s trademark goatee, rough appearance and somewhat stern expression give him the ‘delinquent’ label. During his initial appearances, he styled his bangs slicked back. Later, he wears them down, even growing out his hair more than usual towards the end of the series.


Despite his appearance, Motoharu is far from being a delinquent. He is friendly and well-mannered, while also being extremely dutiful with regards to school and his council duties. He doesn’t like deceiving others and becomes guilty very easily (such as upon pranking Mitsuo), also hating it when others make fun of him.

He is the least stern of the council members (besides the President). Motoharu is known for being genuinely good-hearted and helpful, realising at a point that he needs to stop himself and say no or he’d be taken advantage of by others. On a related note, he usually goes along with whatever his sister says, even if he thinks it's unreasonable.


Culinary expertise: Motoharu is shown to be an excellent cook. His sister finds his cooking delicious and is embarrassed by the fact that her younger brother is better than her at it. He is easily able to put out multiple high-quality dishes at her behest. Despite her attempt to sabotage the food by overloading it with spices, he manages to keep it tasty.


  • With 45 appearances across 139 chapters (extras included), he is the 3rd-most featured character in the manga behind Hidenori and Yoshitake.
  • In the character popularity poll, he placed 5th with 6,512 votes, coming in 3rd among the student council members (beating only the Vice President).


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