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Megane is a second-year student at Sanada North High, and a member of Class 2-A. His real name is unknown and his nickname alludes to his spectacles. He is usually shown conversing with Chapatsu, Yoshitake and Motoharu.


Megane has a build and hairstyle similar to Tadakuni's. He is pale-skinned and wears frame-less rectangular glasses that hide his eyes from view. He is seen wearing the North High uniform, often with the shirt un-tucked and the tie absent.


Not much is shown of his personality. He enjoys talking to his friends about video games and the like, and is known to think especially highly of older video games. Sometimes, he fails to notice things right in front of him.

In the series[]

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High School Boys and Female Companions[]

Megane is one of the boys who gather at the window when news spreads that Tadakuni's walking with a girl. Later, he joins Motoharu and the others in ganging up on Tadakuni near the school gate.

High School Boys and the New Term[]

Motoharu, Chapatsu and Megane are sitting in class, when Yoshitake walks in. They start discussing what they did over the winter break. When Yoshitake says he played video games, Megane asks him which ones they were, but he responds that they were rather obscure. He tells them it was the She*lock Holmes NES game.

To his surprise, the others instantly recognize it. Megane points out that it's the one in which talking to the townsfolk leads to instant death. Changing the topic, Megane wonders out loud why old games were so difficult to clear. Yoshitake immediately responds that it's to generate a feeling of accomplishment for the gamer, at which Megane gets irritated and tells him not to steal the good lines.

The group discusses games some more. The homeroom teacher then walks in and they greet her. She tells them that it was still winter break and school would actually open the next day, before running out laughing. The boys chase her in anger.


  • In his first appearance in an anime sketch, he plays a very minor role (credited as 'Student A'), and is voiced by Hiroyuki Honda. In later appearances, he is credited as 'Megane' and played by Yūki Kaji.
  • Megane placed 22nd in the character popularity poll with 1,052 votes, listed as "Secondary character with black hair and glasses" (kurokami megane). The comment beside his picture is "Please give me a name...".
  • He mentions that he's actually a retained student, although grade retention isn't practiced in Japan.