The following is a list of tankōbon releases of Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou, with the corresponding chapters listed for each volume. Each release contains the following:

  • A front cover illustration, usually featuring characters from the series overlayed into real-life backgrounds.
  • A 2-page feature spread, containing a drawing made in the theme color of the volume. These spreads are occasionally related to specific chapters in the volume.
  • Inner cover - A page with the volume number and an illustration in the style of the regular chapter covers.
  • Author's note
  • Index - the list of chapters contained. The background images are generally real-life versions of various settings in the series.
  • Chapters and occasional extra artwork. Extra chapters (HSGF) are at the end of each volume.
  • Back cover - Contains a blurb and book codes. Each back cover features a different girl from the series, posing in ways such that their eyes are hidden.

For more details and images, see the individual volume pages.

Manga chapters[edit | edit source]

# Chapters Original publish date
Volume 1 February 22, 2010[1]
Volume 2 June 22, 2010[2]
Volume 3 October 22, 2010[3]
Volume 4 April 22, 2011[4]
Volume 5 December 22, 2011[5]
Volume 6 May 22, 2012[6]
Volume 7 December 22, 2012[7]

Special[edit | edit source]

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