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Kugihiko is a second-year student at Sanada North High. He is well-acquainted with Hidenori and Yoshitake and is Tadakuni's friend. He does not have any speaking roles in the series.


Kugihiko is lean and of average height. He has short black hair resembling that of Tadakuni.


Almost nothing is known of his personality, although he appears to be a cheerful sort.

In the Series[]

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  • Despite his marginal role in the series, he secured the 26th position in the popularity poll with 405 votes, ahead of more prominent characters like Mino.
  • There is an unnamed boy who shows up in the main trio's extended group in the beach trip mini-arc whose depiction in the manga resembles Kugihiko to a degree. He also doesn't speak, and is always seen with a slightly dazed smile. His portrayal in the anime does not look like Kugihiko, however.
Kugihiko?Doesn't look like him...


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