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Ikushima's senior is a third-year student at Sanada East High. She is acquainted with Yanagin's and Habara's seniors. Without meaning to, she sparked a feud between them in junior school, which ends up lasting for years.


Ikushima's senior used to be classmates with Yanagin's and Habara's seniors in third grade. One summer day, she found her school lunch money missing and thought it was stolen. Suspicion ended up falling on the other two, both of whom denied being the culprit. Ikushima's senior couldn't find the money, but it turned out she had merely forgotten it at home. She didn't tell anyone, and the rift between the suspects worsened over the years.


Ikushima's senior is slim, fair-skinned and of average height. She has long dark hair and light-coloured eyes. She is seen wearing East High's uniform, minus the jacket.


She is shown to be mild-mannered and is someone who disapproves of fighting. She is also timid in nature, which is part of the reason she failed to set right the aforementioned feud for almost a decade.

In the series[]

Continuation to ‘On Bad Terms’[]

When Habara's and Yanagin's seniors start fighting, Ikushima and her senior are shown to be watching them from above. Ikushima's senior remarks that it's an ugly dispute and her junior agrees. She then proceeds to tell Ikushima why they're fighting in the first place. It was due to an incident that happened in the third grade, when Ikushima's senior found her lunch money missing.

Somehow, the blame fell on Yanagin's and Habara's seniors, each of whom plead innocent and blamed the other. The conflict that it sparked still hadn't died down to this day. Ikushima's senior says she didn't find her lunch money at school that day, either. She then shows Ikushima an envelope and tells her she found the money at home the next day. Ikushima reacts in shock.

Seeing this, the senior asks her nervously what's wrong. Ikushima yells at her to go and confess at once.



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