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The homeroom teacher of Class 2-A in Sanada North High handles their Japanese language studies. She is well-acquainted with her students' capacity for mischief and is easily annoyed, but is also a prankster in her own right.


The homeroom teacher is slim and of average height, with dark brown hair in a ponytail. She is usually seen wearing a maroon jacket with a light skirt, and shoes with dark socks.


She is introduced as someone who doesn't mind having a bit of harmless fun at her students' expense. She also seems to be earnest about her job and gets annoyed easily when her students don't take official things seriously.

In the Series[]

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High School Boys and the New Term[]

The discussion among the group of four ends when they hear her footsteps. The teacher walks into class and greets her students. Turning to the board, she begins to write on it and tells them she'd tried and failed to contact them regarding some news. She turns back to reveal a message on the board, which reads that it was still winter break and that school would start only the next day.

The teacher runs out of class laughing, while the furious boys give chase. The end scene shows her escaping from them by hiding behind a wall.

High School Boys and Career Paths[]

The homeroom teacher is in class, and asks the students to return the career surveys she'd given them. As she gathers them, a thought strikes her and she asks the class if they'd taken the forms seriously. To her dismay, they all fall absolutely silent.

Worried, she instantly decides to check the forms. It turns out that several students have put in joke answers under the question asking them about post-graduation plans. The very first response is 'Middle school student' and she shows it to the class, begging them not to do things like this. Met only with more silence, she goes through more forms. The next answers are 'Ghost' and 'Sports Adventurer'. She tells the former to go die if he wanted to become a ghost that badly, and throws the latter to the floor, not understanding if it means a sportsman or adventurer.

The next responses are 'Teacher's wife' (which creeps her out a good deal), 'Science entertainer' (which confuses her again) and 'I don't want to be a lawyer'. Irritated, she punches the desk and yells that there's no need to mention what you want to avoid. She slowly picks up one last form, and is dumbstruck by the response - '(I want to) Go to college'.

Frustrated by an answer that's neither an obvious joke nor a good response to the question, she flips the desk and scatters the forms, telling the student to just make a joke instead. She is later seen leaving the class in a huff.

High School Boys and Love Letters[]

After Yoshitake and co. decide to get back at the prankster, the homeroom teacher overhears them and wonders why they don't consider the possibility that it's a real love letter. She also hopes they don't cause any trouble.

(Anime-only) High School Boys and...[]

She makes a cameo at the graduation ceremony, where she's shown seated with the other teachers.

High School Boys and Reading[]



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