Hidenori Tabata
Hidenori 1
Name: Hidenori Tabata (田畑 ヒデノリ)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Grey
Family: Yūsuke (older brother)
Emi (cousin)
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Handicrafts Club President
Affiliation(s): Sanada North High
Other information
Debut: Chapter 1 (manga)
Episode 1 (anime)
Seiyū: Tomokazu Sugita

"There's no reason to pretend to be cool. Let's show our lame sides. That's who we really are, after all."

Hidenori, in "Being Yourself"

Hidenori Tabata is the bespectacled character of the main trio. He is also a student of Sanada North High and is the one that usually gets the group involved in various hare-brained schemes and crazy simulations. He used to be bullied in the past until he was saved by Rubber Shooter. Hidenori's older brother, Yūsuke Tabata, used to be the ringleader of their group until he went off to college.



Hidenori is a lean adolescent boy, with messy brown hair and grey eyes. He wears large frame-less glasses.

As a Sanada North Boys High student, he is most commonly seen wearing his school's standard uniform; a collared white button-up (often depicted untucked when he is not at school) with a striped red and blue tie and dark blue pants and blazer.


Hidenori has a magnetic personality. He does most of the talking and generally drives the activities of the group forward. Hidenori is self-righteous to a fair degree, but has shown he doesn't just care for himself. More than trying to impress others, he often cares about their situations and perspectives. He is also often the first to read the situation and becomes frustrated when others are unable to do the same, similar to Yoshitake.

Relationship With YassanEdit

Hidenori and Yassan (5)
Hidenori and Yassan (12-1)

"Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases."

Hidenori reads her book while she is beating up Tadakuni for not picking up on the ambient atmosphere. The novel depicts a boy and girl meeting on a riverbank, with the boy having wind-controlling powers. so naturally Yassan is delighted when Hidenori begins the conversation with the remark "The wind is troubled today." She appears to have feelings for him as when she was with a classmate, she saw Hidenori looking at them and chased him to explain this so he wouldn't misinterpret their relationship.

In episode 12, after graduating from their respective schools, the two meet each other again at the riverbank. Unlike their previous meetings, they are calm and composed, even quoting poetic lines about the wind, with Hidenori ending it by saying "Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases". He seems to reach his hand out to Yassan as she takes it, smiling and blushing.

In the manga, Hidenori keeps meeting Yassan in different locations like in the movies, in an elevator, the cultural festival, etc., resulting in more awkward encounters for both of them. In the elevator meeting, he followed her after seeing she wasn't chasing him and thinking she wasn't interested only to see that she still has interest in him and only went to the bathroom. In another instance, after Hidenori tried and failed to start a normal conversation with Yanagin, he sees Yassan at the top of the riverbank and smiles joyfully at her for the first time. Yassan, not knowing what had just happened, gets nervous and blushes at his sincere smile.

Other RelationshipsEdit

The Girl on the Train Edit

It is also revealed in Episode 3: High School Boys and the Train to School that Hidenori has been regularly riding the same train to school as an unnamed girl with a hair in a mole on her neck. On a voice-over, he says that he has naturally become interested in her. After much deliberation, Hidenori decides to tell the girl about the hair. Initially, the girl reacts with humiliation, then humor and finally gratitude.

Emi Edit

Hidenori meets a girl during his visit to his grandparents in an isolated countryside region of Japan. When they first meet, she drop kicks him into the river, mistaking him for someone else.

On the last day of their summer break, she tries to confess her feelings to Hidenori by asking first if he currently has a girlfriend. Hidenori denies it but reveals to her that, from what his grandmother told him, they are related and are actual cousins. In the manga, Hidenori brags to Motoharu, Yoshitake and other school friends that he has an actual girlfriend showing them the picture of his cousin and him together. Everyone is unimpressed saying that they already knew something was up. Hidenori then tells them it was a joke, that she is a distant relative but his friends barely believe him since they "have seen him with different girls" so they weren't surprised.

Yanagin Edit

In the manga, Hidenori is the only main character that meets with the Funky Girls group face-to-face, aside from Yoshitake and Toshiyuki. He sits on the riverbank as usual and Yanagin sits next to him. He then tries to initiate a conversation with his wind monologue but Yanagin never listens to him and keeps getting distracted by her book and her phone, until she falls asleep.

Defeated, Hidenori leaves the riverbank but meets Yassan on the road. For the first time, Hidenori smiles joyfully at her. Yassan, not knowing what had happened, blushes at this unexpected turn of events. Yanagin spots the two together and is confused by their interaction.

Yoshitake's older sister Edit

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