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Hidenori's neighbor is a high school girl living next door to him.


Hidenori's neighbor is slim and of average height. She has long, wavy orange-brown hair and is seen wearing a white sweater and dark tracks. Like many other minor characters, her eyes are not revealed.


She appears to be studious, being shown studying prior to Hidenori's intrusion. Apart from this, she is shown to be bewildered by his antics (like many others).

Despite being neighbors for at least some time, she had never talked to Hidenori and just knew him as 'the guy from next door'.

In the Series[]

High School Boys and Balconies[]

Hidenori's neighbour is studying by herself at night when she hears a loud thud from her balcony. Startled, she opens the door, only to find Hidenori pulling himself up on the balcony. She recognizes him as the boy next door and asks what's going on. He apologizes for disturbing her and asks if she could spare him a DVD (in his wish to replicate what he'd seen a classmate do earlier that day).

Perplexed, she asks him if he'd jumped from his balcony to hers, noting in almost disbelief that the distance is around 5 meters. He once again asks for a DVD, and feeling put off, she tells him they've never really spoken before, so it was weird of him to ask. Hidenori pauses, but just asks for a DVD a third time shortly after. Irritated, she yells at him to scram and he falls over the edge.



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