Hidenori's Father is the unnamed father of Hidenori and Yūsuke.


Hidenori's father is a middle-aged man of about Hidenori's height. He has dark brown hair and grey eyes. He also has wrinkles on his face and a very prominent nose. He is seen wearing his office attire, consisting of a collared white shirt with a red tie and dark pants.


Much like his son Hidenori, he seems to be a tad eccentric. Examples include him playing baseball with a golf club, addressing Yūsuke with the honorary suffix -san and saying that his childhood dreams would die if he played catch with Hidenori. In particular, he seems to enjoy teasing Hidenori.

In the seriesEdit

High School Boys and FathersEdit

Hidenori and his dad are playing ball in a park, at night. Hidenori has a baseball while his father has a golf club. He throws the ball, and Mr. Tabata sends it flying back with the club, forcing him to duck. He then asks his father why he's playing with a club in the first place, suggesting that they play catch instead.

Hidenori's father then pauses and looks up at the night sky. He tells his son that although he may not look it, he dreamt of being a pilot when he was young. When Hidenori says it's completely unrelated to the subject at hand, he responds that if he played catch with his son, the remnants of that dream would probably die. His son is exasperated by this statement.

Mr. Tabata then picks up his office jacket from a bench nearby and suggests that they play catch with it by rolling it up. Hidenori says he's had enough of that joke. They start playing with the baseball, and Hidenori's father asks him if there's anything he wanted to do on growing up. He responds that he wants to go overseas, and wants to help people. His father pauses and considers this, before sneering and asking if a guy like him could really pull it off. Hidenori tells him to quit kidding around.

Just then, Yūsuke shows up, having been looking for the two of them. Yūsuke says the house is locked and asks them for the key. After a silence, Hidenori tells him they don't have it either. His father adds that their mom's on a trip, and wouldn't be home for three days.

In the aftermath of this scene, Mr. Tabata busts into the house through a window, using the golf club.


Hidenori and YūsukeEdit

In the conversations between him and Hidenori, it is Hidenori who adopts the role of the 'sane voice', unlike his usual self. Mr. Tabata often says strange things and teases him on occasion.

For some reason, he refers to Yūsuke as 'Yūsuke-san'.



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