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Habara's senior is a third-year student at Sanada West High. She is known for having a long-standing enmity with Yanagin's senior.


In the third year of grade school, Ikushima's senior's lunch money went missing, and the blame fell on Yanagin's and Habara's seniors. The two believed each other to be guilty, but neither would own up, and this sparked a feud between the two. In truth, the money had just been misplaced.


Habara's senior is short in stature, with shoulder-length brown hair kept in an untidy fashion. She has the habit of narrowing her eyes or keeping them near-closed, only opening them completely when surprised or angry. She is usually seen wearing the West High uniform.


She comes off as aggressive and combative, much like Yanagin's senior. The two are always trading barbs and are ready to fight physically if need be. However, she does have a forgiving side and is willing to drop her grudge. She also does feel remorseful about the harm she has caused others in the past, as in the case of Karasawa.

In the Series[]

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