Name: Habara (羽原)
'Archdemon of the East Yada Elementary School'
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Family: Habara's older brother
Occupation(s): High school student (second-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada West High
Other information
Debut: Episode 3
Seiyū: Yukana

Habara is one of the main characters alongside Yanagin and Ikushima in the High School Girls are Funky mini-series. Her house is next to Toshiyuki's and the girls usually hang out there. Back in the past, she is used to be known as the "Archdemon of the East Yada Elementary School" for her bloodlust and her tendency to bully the kids around her age.


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Habara before the great showdown

Habara used to be an unparalleled bully in her elementary school days. Back then, she used to be known as the "Archdemon of the East Yada Elementary". It is been said by Takahiro that all the high school boys around there start trembling upon hearing her name. It took all of the famous kids from 1st grade through 4th grade to take her down. Yanagin and Rubber Shooter were two of them. Only after the great battle (which ended in a draw) did the Archdemon Habara gradually lose her brutality. It is known that she's very remorseful of what she did when she was young.


Crying Habara

Habara cries

During her elementary school days, she was a brutal person. She enjoyed bullying others and one of her major victims was Karasawa, who gained a permanent scar between his eyes due to her.

However, this changes in the present storyline. In her trio, Habara has relatively more common sense than the others and serves as the straight girl. She is also seen as an emotional person as she easily cries when her past is revealed by Yanagin and also when she sees Toshiyuki's scar on his forehead.

Her brutal side still surfaces sometimes, such as when Yanagin proposed that all three of them fight it out to know who is the strongest. She sees it as a fight to the death. Yanagin and Ikushima, much to their horror, realized this before Habara got an opportunity to bludgeon them with a huge rock.


Habara x karasawa

Habara has known Toshiyuki since their elementary days, he was a frequent victim of hers when she was a bully. While she has changed this behavior, he still has a tense attitude towards her and she feels guilty about the past.

At the beginning of Episode 12, Habara thinks Toshiyoki has feelings for her because of how he acts in front of her but it can be inferred that Toshiyoki is still scared of Habara because of what happened in his elementary days with Habara. While she thought of this, she can be seen blushing which means she has feelings for him.


  • Immense strength: When in junior school, she had a fearsome reputation as the Archdemon and was undoubtedly strong. As a testament to this, it took 10 other kids to fight her out to a draw. In high school, she still retains this power. This is seen when she destroys a ball the girls were playing with. She also manages to tear a part of a punching machine by striking it with her fingers instead of a clenched fist.
Habara destroys ball

Habara destroys the ball