The main trio are bumping a volleyball among themselves in the school grounds. Tadakuni mentions that there used to be a volleyball team called ‘The Witches of the Orient’. Yoshitake asks for details, but Tadakuni doesn’t know anything else about it. Hidenori guesses that it means they used magic, but Yoshitake tells him that isn’t allowed in sports. Tadakuni points out that nobody can use magic in the first place.

Hidenori then asks if they cosplayed as magical girls. Tadakuni says that nobody cosplays in the Olympics, and objects when Hidenori says that cosplay is something special restricted to the ‘land of Japanimation’. Yoshitake observes that magical girls were always girls and never guys, prompting Tadakuni to explain that that’s why they’re called magical girls to begin with. Hidenori says he wouldn’t mind a magical boy, or even a magical high school boy.

Yoshitake points out that there was already a something-Potter who fit this description. Tadakuni says that description ruins it, and Yoshitake adds that Potter sounds like a guy lazing around in his own room with panties on his head. Tadakuni says that’s not at all true, and Yoshitake’s about to oppose him, but he drops the volleyball and it rolls away, causing a silence.

Opening Theme SongEdit

“Shiny Tale” – by Mix Speakers Inc.

High School Boys and the Holy NightEdit

Main article: Chapter 31

A large concrete slab lands and shatters in front of the main trio after being thrown at them, petrifying them. The assailant is Yoshitake’s sister, and the guys conclude that she wants to kill them. It turns out that she’s angry because Hidenori casually remarked to her on Christmas Eve (a romantic holiday in Japan) that she always seemed to be at home on Christmas.

The main trio start running. When Tadakuni says he thought Yoshitake’s sister was kind in nature, Yoshitake responds that she’s crazier than him, adding that she was the ringleader of the group that shaved Motoharu’s goatee off. Just then, a flying kick to his head by his sister knocks him out. The others stop, concerned about him, and she grabs Tadakuni from behind, throwing him effortlessly over the side of the walkway.

Terrified, Hidenori flees as fast as possible, with Yoshitake’s sister hot on his heels. She eventually loses him in a crowded area, and becomes embarrassed upon seeing numerous couples around. She buries her head in her hands and almost begins sobbing. Seeing her plight, Hidenori feels bad for her and puts his hand on her shoulder, startling her. He tells her that he could pretend to be her boyfriend, even though it wouldn’t solve the real problem.

She smiles and reaches for his hand, only to then punch his face so hard his glasses shatter. Calling him stupid for ever thinking she’d agree to his idea, she walks off in a huff. Transition scene: Yoshitake’s sister angrily drinks something from a can, while announcing the show’s name.


A notice says “Today, the North High Student Council has become an odd-jobs shop for some reason!” and “Mitsuo, who’s been featured in the opening all along, finally makes an appearance!”.

Yoshitake announces that Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou is brought to the viewers by the following sponsors and starts singing the word ‘sponsors’ repeatedly. Tadakuni snaps at him to stop singing.

High School Boys and the New TermEdit

Main article: Chapter 32

Yoshitake walks into class and greets Megane, Chapatsu and Motoharu (the only ones present), who greet him in return. When asked by Motoharu if he went to a shrine for New Year’s, Yoshitake says no, and Megane asks him what he did over the winter break. He says he played video games and that the others probably wouldn’t have heard of the ones he played.He mentions ‘Sher*ock Holmes’ for the NES, and they surprise him by knowing several in-depth details regarding it.

Megane then wonders out loud why older games were so difficult. When Yoshitake says it’s to generate a feeling of accomplishment, Megane accuses him of trying to sound cool. Chapatsu asks the others if they’d played ‘The Legend ** Kage’, but nobody’s heard of it, prompting him to exclaim that the NES sure felt lonely to play on. Motoharu responds that high schoolers didn’t play on the NES anymore.

Walking over to the window, Yoshitake tells the others that the wind just made a sound like ‘miso grilled tofu’, causing them to laugh. They then hear footsteps, and the teacher walks in. After they greet each other, she tells them there was an error in the end-of-term handouts she’d given them, and that she was unable to reach their group to tell them about it. The boys look at each other, confused. When they look back, the teacher’s written on the board that class would only start the next day, and she runs out laughing. The boys chase her in anger.

Transition scene: The teacher hides in a classroom while the boys run past. Panting, she announces the show’s title.

High School Boys and the Younger Sister’s TroublesEdit

Main article: Chapter 33

Tadakuni’s younger sister slams open the door to North High’s council room, startling Motoharu and Karasawa who are inside. She tells them there’s something she needed to ask them. When asked for details, she says she was confessed to at school. The boys congratulate her, and she tells them she turned him down, following which he hit her. The boys are shocked. The sister says she’d been called out again that day, and so needed help.

Motoharu is ready to go with her, but Karasawa first asks her why he had hit her. She admits that it was because they got into a fight. The boys then tell her she should sort it out herself, to her disappointment. She tells Karasawa he’s the only one she can rely on, but he says that his presence wouldn’t make any difference. Resigned, she leaves, and goes to the meeting place later in the evening. On the way, she regrets how everything’s turned out. When she sees the boy, she pinches her hair and resolves to get it over with, and to just keep hitting back if she got hit again.

To her surprise, he simply walks up to her and apologizes, before walking away. Tadakuni’s sister silently ponders about the turn of events, before concluding that she herself was to blame as well. As she leaves, Karasawa comes out of his hiding spot and notes that as expected, there was no problem. He is startled to see Motoharu wearing a face mask and shades, who remarks that they’d been worried for nothing and turns away. Motoharu is surprised in turn to see someone else with a bag over his head, who turns out to be Hidenori. He asks him if he’d been eavesdropping. Yoshitake is also present, and unhappy that he couldn’t save the day. The four boys leave, and Tadakuni remains unaware of the entire incident.

Transition scene: A still of Tadakuni’s sister smiling. She announces the show’s title.

High School Boys and Ringo’s TroublesEdit

Main article: Chapter 34

Just like Tadakuni’s sister, Ringo storms into North High’s council room. This time, the Vice President is also present, and all three appear worried at her presence. When she says she has something to ask them, Karasawa and Motoharu tell her they’re not counsellors, and seem concerned about the widespread rumours that they are. Ringo says all her friends have been calling her ‘shorty’ lately, and asks if she was really too short.

They try to placate her, but she says she can’t take them seriously because they’re too kind. She finds out from them that the President’s in the next room, and decides to ask him. The boys, realizing the danger of this, block her way and try to reassure her that she’s normal. To distract her, Motoharu quizzes her on the Vice President’s age, and is shocked when she guesses ‘28’. She’s surprised to find out that he’s 17 and younger than her. Immediately, Motoharu shoots her question 2 – ‘Are there more uphill or downhill slopes in Japan?’

Ringo starts thinking about it, and is quickly confused. After 10 minutes, she figures it out, annoyed. As she leaves the room, Karasawa, who’s fallen asleep leaning on the wall, whistles through his nose. She mistakes this for a cat mewing and gets excited, looking around in the corridor. When she realizes it’s Karasawa, she attacks and lays him out in the hallway, heading to the next room in a huff. Inside, the SCP is playing Dragon Quest 6. He greets her and she asks him directly if he thought she was small.

He responds that she should be herself, and that he liked her just the way she was. Motoharu and the VP are happy that his reply was a considerate one, but Ringo lapses into a long silence. Suddenly, she smacks him across the face, asking him in an embarrassed tone what he meant by that. The two onlookers are aghast and confused.

Transition scene: Ringo holds a carton of milk, all alone. She announces the show’s title.

High School Boys and Motoharu’s TroublesEdit

Main article: Chapter 35

This time, a wide-eyed, hyperactive girl from West High enters the North High council room asking for help. Motoharu’s and Karasawa’s initial reactions are of despair, wondering why they’d turned into an odd-jobs shop, as they ask the girl for details while pouring out some tea for her. She tells them her dog Takurō went missing, and ask them to help find it.

Motoharu finally snaps, and yells at Karasawa that it was all his fault for being too helpful so far. Karasawa points out that he himself was no different, but Motoharu carries on, telling him that he’d be taken advantage of in the real world, and says that they should henceforth become people who can say ‘No!’ to any request Karasawa responds with ‘No!’, irritating him.

The Vice President then enters the room with a dog he found outside and asks the others what he should do with it. The dog turns out to be the girl’s. Motoharu is exasperated that the VP hadn’t changed his ways either. Gathering himself together, he says they shouldn’t mistake the Student Council’s role and demands that Karasawa never accept another request. Karasawa responds with another ‘No!’, and Motoharu loses his cool at him and the girl, who for some reason is laughing loudly at Takurō. Karasawa then puts his hands together and tells Motoharu he has an idea.

He turns to the girl and asks for 1500 yen for their services. The girl is shocked, but Motoharu approves of the idea excitedly.

Transition scene: The student council trio look guiltily at the large amount of money they’ve collected by subsequently helping people. They announce the title.

High School Boys and the Sure-Kill ShotEdit

Main article: Chapter 36

Hidenori and a classmate are playing football, with Hidenori in goal defending penalty kicks. The classmate, whose name is Mitsuo, tells him he really needs to practice his sure-kill shot. Hidenori responds that he’s not very athletic and may not be of help. Mitsuo assures him otherwise and turns, facing 90 degrees away from the ball. Suddenly, the ball flies straight towards the goal.

Hidenori is stunned, and Mitsuo is delighted with the success of his ‘standstill shot’, which he had practiced for two years. He’s confident it will go in, but Hidenori makes a long dive to his right and saves it. He passes the ball back to a crushed Mitsuo and praises the technique, but says that it might not be powerful enough. Mitsuo silently regrets underestimating him, and vows to go all out with the next shot.

He strikes the ball hard from a height and it shoots towards the left side of the goal, before bouncing and instantly changing course to the right corner. Hidenori is shocked by the bizarre change in direction, and Mitsuo is triumphant. It turns out to be his ‘reflection shot’, made possible by kicking the ball towards a clear acrylic stake he had put into the ground earlier (which he quickly retrieves afterward). Once more, he is confident of victory, but a flying Hidenori pushes the ball back in the nick of time. Collecting it, Mitsuo falls deathly silent.

Hidenori is totally impressed and asks Mitsuo for the secret behind that kick. In response, Mitsuo merely tucks the ball under his arm and charges towards the goal, much to Hidenori’s astonishment. As Mitsuo passes him, he dives and holds on to his torso to slow him down. Mitsuo wails in sheer frustration, even as Hidenori begs him to calm down. From the momentum, the two end up crashing into the net.

This incident inspires enough confidence in Mitsuo to propel him into the playing roster… in the rugby team.

Ending Theme SongEdit

“Ohisama” – by Amesaki Annainin

High School Girls are FunkyEdit

Theme SongEdit

High School Girls are Funky Jingle

The PastEdit

Main article: Chapter 32.2

At Habara’s house, Ikushima remarks to Yanagin that she didn’t get the point of bespectacled characters. Irritated, Yanagin snaps that she wore glasses for her eyesight, not for character stereotypes. She threatens to ram another stick up Ikushima’s you-know-what, causing an annoyed Ikushima to attack her. After a few blows, Yanagin knocks her down with a golden spanner.

Habara is sitting down with a book, and casually remarks that they didn’t have to fight so earnestly, because there was no audience to show it off to. She regrets it when the two stand in front of her, mocking her flat chest. To teach her a lesson, they drag her to her feet and march outside, stopping at Takahiro’s house. Yanagin and Ikushima yell for Takahiro until he appears and nervously asks them what they want.

Yanagin tells him he doesn’t have a girlfriend and bluntly suggests that he date Habara, who turns red. Takahiro asks Yanagin why he should, and she responds that while she was studious and Ikushima was into wrestling, Habara had nothing. Forcibly stretching Habara’s mouth, Ikushima adds that she looked really cute when smiling. Takahiro stays silent, before reaching out with a 5000 yen note.

When Ikushima and Yanagin react in confusion, Takahiro asks them if they could leave him alone if he gave them the money. They ask him if he’s so severely opposed to the idea, and notice that Habara has walked away on her own. The two yell for ‘Flat Chest’ to return, and Yanagin tells Takahiro to apologize. He says that in elementary school, she used to bully him a lot, so he couldn’t deal with her.

Yanagin realizes what he’s talking about. Takahiro adds that most high school boys in the area would tremble in fear at her name. She was called the ‘Archdemon of East Yada Elementary’, and it took all the strong kids together to bring her down. Ikushima wonders if she’s a monster, even as Habara is shown holding back tears. Takahiro mentions another incident involving Karasawa, and that Habara should probably switch towns. Yanagin remarks that maybe she’d find a boyfriend that way.


A notice says that the next episode features the short ‘High School Boys and Indoor Adventures’ and others. Tadakuni starts saying that Hidenori's older brother appears, but Yoshitake cuts him off saying no one cares. A notice says “It may be Valentine’s Day, but please don’t send the characters any chocolates”.

Another notice says “If you’re sending them anyway, please send them to the studio, not the TV station”. Yoshitake announces that the show was brought to the viewers by the following sponsors, but breaks out dancing before finishing his bit. Tadakuni scolds him for being noisy.

End ScreenEdit

The end screen features six panels of Yoshitake, with the send-off message “See You Next Week”.


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  • In the introduction, Tadakuni mentions the ‘Witches of the Orient’. This was the name given to a famous women’s volleyball team from Japan that won the gold medal in the first-ever Olympic volleyball event, at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Also, a reference to Harry Potter is made in the intro.
  • Differences between the anime and manga:
    • In “High School Boys and the Sure-Kill Shot”, the manga features an ending scene featuring Hidenori and Mitsuo, which is missing from the anime.
    • In “High School Girls are Funky – The Past” —
      • In the manga, Takahiro protests fiercely that he wouldn’t have anything to do with Habara right in front of her, whereas he stays silent in the anime.
      • Ikushima forces Habara to smile by pulling the corners of her mouth only in the anime.
      • The name of the Archdemon’s elementary school is ‘East Tanida’ in the manga and ‘East Yada’ in the anime.
    • The end scene of “Holy Night” in the manga shows Yoshitake's sister drinking from a beer can. In the anime, the can is instead red in color and bears the name 'Sunrise'.
Holy Night end scene
  • In “New Term”, the games the boys discuss are actually real NES games from the 1980s. Given below are the pictures from the anime and the real versions for comparison.
Sherlock Holmes game comparison Legend of Kage comparison
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