A scene of a blue sky with clouds slowly passing by is shown (presumably the main trio’s view of the sky). Tadakuni’s voice then remarks that it’s summer, and Yoshitake agrees. Hidenori too agrees, then says that it actually isn’t. He says that the show isn’t airing in the summer. Yoshitake adds that it’s in fact winter.

Hidenori goes on to say that’s not exactly what he meant. He says that it’s strange for a school anime to start in the summer. Yoshitake points out that it would normally be the spring. Tadakuni asks him what ‘normal’ means, and Hidenori responds that a ‘normal’ start would feature an entrance ceremony or the start of a new semester. Yoshitake notes that having a transfer student come in would be pretty standard, too, and Hidenori wonders angrily why their show started with them lazing around at a friend’s house.

Tadakuni then says that their show isn’t supposed to be a school anime, but a ‘daily life’ anime. Hidenori asks if their daily lives were nothing more than hanging out at friends’ houses, and Tadakuni says that he’s right. Hidenori seems a bit surprised, then comes to terms with it and apologizes for getting worked up earlier.

Yoshitake then says it’s hot. Tadakuni responds that it’s summer.

Opening Theme SongEdit

“Shiny Tale” – by Mix Speakers Inc.

High School Boys and Summer PlansEdit

Main article: Chapter 11

The main trio and their extended group are at Tadakuni’s house, all in their uniforms. Hidenori puts up a chart and announces that summer break had begun. Wondering aloud why everyone was still in their uniforms, he suddenly starts criticizing the others for failing to get girlfriends by the start of summer. After a long rant, he stops and says it’s time to discuss summer plans. The others accuse him of putting their spirits down and demand that Karasawa be called over to coordinate.

Hidenori does so, and Karasawa shows up after a while in uniform, immediately lamenting that he had to spend the summer with other guys. This causes the boys to immediately start bickering again. Their argument is interrupted by Tadakuni’s sister passing by. Hidenori calls her, and asks for her opinion as to which among them she would prefer to date. She responds ‘Karasawa-san’, prompting agonized reactions from the others. Karasawa compliments her taste, and jokingly gestures for her to sit on his lap.

This enrages the sister, who marches menacingly towards him. He backs up in fear and tries to defend himself, but she easily gains an upper hand. Hidenori, paying no attention to the onslaught, once again asks everyone why none of them had girlfriends yet. When the others protest again, he asks what they should do during the summer. Yoshitake complains that they’re running out of time, and Tadakuni suggests the beach. Everyone hurriedly agrees.


A notice says “When you think of summer, it’s got to be the beach! When you think of the beach, it’s gotta be swimsuits! However, the everyday lives of high school boys contain no such developments.”

Yoshitake announces that Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou is brought to the viewers by the following sponsors. Hidenori remarks that it’s normal. Yoshitake agrees.

High School Boys and the Beach HouseEdit

Main article: Chapter 12

The boys arrive at the beach. Tadakuni is exasperated to find out he’s the only one wearing the school trunks, and the others wonder why he’s following the school rules so strictly. They then run off with the intention of picking up girls, while Hidenori buys himself some cola. Yoshitake's and Motoharu’s advances fail repeatedly, and they wonder why nothing’s working.

Hidenori, hearing this, suddenly sees that the last pair of girls they tried to hit on are eating from a plate of ramen. He slowly develops a shocked expression, then violently spews all his cola out of his nose. Yoshitake and Motoharu ask him what’s wrong, and he composes himself before telling them it was nothing. They persist, promising not to get angry when he asks them not to.

He faces them and tells them that all the girls were only into men-kui (a pun meaning both eating noodles and liking handsome faces)[note 1]. Annoyed, Motoharu slaps him so hard that he draws blood from his nose. Hidenori’s glasses fall into the sand and are claimed by the tide.

Transition scene: A still of the main trio chatting while walking to school (taken from the Chapter 3 cover). Hidenori announces the show’s title.

High School Boys and Hot Spring Table TennisEdit

Main article: Chapter 13

After leaving the beach, the boys are enjoying a steam bath at an inn. Motoharu compliments Karasawa for having found a great inn, but some others slowly become overwhelmed by the amount of steam. As they dry themselves off, Karasawa asks the others what happened at the beach, and Motoharu asks him to guess what weird line Hidenori had come up with this time. Karasawa gets 'men-kui' right immediately, and an embarrassed Hidenori tells them to stop it.

The boys then find a ping-pong table in the inn and decide to play, with the rule that a person has to answer a question correctly before hitting the ball. Three strikes and the punishment is to punch the Student Council President, as suggested by Karasawa. Motoharu, as the score-keeper, announces that the first topic is ‘Moons of Uranus’, startling Tadakuni.

Hidenori, Karasawa and Yoshitake pick Ariel, Umbriel and Titania, while Tadakuni fails to name anything. He protests that the topic is too difficult, but Motoharu ignores him and says the next topic is ‘World leaders of African heritage’. Hidenori and Karasawa make successful plays, and Yoshitake, unable to think of anything else, goes with just ‘Obama’. Tadakuni, who was considering the same name, is forced to take another strike. He accuses the others of choosing the topics beforehand, before claiming that he’ll set the next one himself.

He goes with ‘Countries having moons on their flags’ and starts with Malaysia. The others go with Tunisia, Algeria and Pakistan, and he misses again because he only knew one name. Put off by the others’ superior general knowledge, he accepts his defeat.

High School Boys and the Radio DJEdit

Main article: Chapter 15

In Tadakuni’s room, Yoshitake and Hidenori are seated on one side of a table, while Tadakuni is lying down with a book. Hidenori announces the start of “Hidenori Tabata’s Talking FS” – a radio show by, for and about teens, brought to the listeners by Square Enix. He introduces himself as the host and Yoshitake as the singer-songwriter Yoshī C. Tenryūji. He starts the conversation by asking Yoshī about his latest work, but Yoshī responds with confused questions as if he isn’t understanding anything.

Hidenori drops the line of questioning, asking Yoshitake what’s up with his character. He then tells the audience they will shortly be discussing common complaints about young men. After a silence, he holds up an imaginary postcard from ‘Megalo-don from Kanagawa’ which asks why high school boys are rude towards their mothers. Hidenori asks Yoshī for his opinion, and Yoshī is about to answer, but forgets the question.

Hidenori tries to prompts him by explaining the question, messing up the guest’s name in the process. Yoshī tries correcting him, but messes up his own name as well. He then says that mothers don’t really talk to their sons and just order them about, which is why they develop bad attitudes. Hidenori stares at him blankly, before confessing that he just wanted the guest to make a joke about it. Moving on, he announces that ‘Megalo-don’ would be getting a sticker as a prize, and reads the next question from ‘Dorian from Fukuoka’ – as to why high school boys dress so sloppily.

He asks Yoshī for his thoughts again, and Yoshī responds that only the mothers were to blame. Hidenori is exasperated at him bringing up mothers again, and Yoshī adds that any problem with high school boys could be blamed on their mothers, since the boys were once part of their mothers. Hidenori is unable to deal with this and apologizes to the listeners that they’re out of time, and that Yoshī isn’t quite in control of his character. They then sign off. A silence ensues.

Annoyed that Tadakuni is ignoring them, Hidenori yells at him to say something, but he just grimaces and goes back to reading his book. Hidenori then signs off to the viewers as well.

Transition scene: A still of the main trio sitting on a park bench. Yoshitake announces the show's title.

High School Boys and Summer MemoriesEdit

Main article: Chapter 14

The main trio are at a fast food place. They muse that their summer holidays are almost over, and decide to have as much fun as possible in the time remaining, so that they have no regrets. The next part of the sketch features them doing various fun things as the summer goes by. The insert song plays during this section.

Insert song: “Capsule” – by Mix Speakers Inc.

They attend a festival, play kick the can, watch some fireworks, play video games, go bug-watching at night, and sing karaoke. Afterwards, Hidenori is at home watching TV, when he gets a call from Tadakuni, who asks what they should do tomorrow. Hidenori, thinking about where they should go, inspects the calendar. It is the month of September.

Suddenly, he yells in alarm, for it is September 4, and their summer vacation is long over.

(Anime-only) Unnamed shiritori shortEdit

The main trio are lying down on Tadakuni’s floor, with Tadakuni and Yoshitake each reading a book. Tadakuni sighs that it’s a new term, and Hidenori immediately uses the last word of his sentence to start a game of shiritori (word chain). Yoshitake continues, and Tadakuni joins in as well, only to realize and then interrupt by asking why they were playing all of a sudden.

Ignoring him, Hidenori chains this sentence as well and continues. When it’s Tadakuni’s turn again, he asks what’s going on, but unwittingly fits the question perfectly with his letter, allowing the others to carry on again. Tadakuni then gets worked up and yells, but this also ends up fitting his letter. Finally catching on, he pauses and interrupts the flow correctly by telling the others that it’s enough.

Hidenori remarks that it’s finally the end of summer, to which Yoshitake adds that it felt somewhat short. Tadakuni again sighs that a new term is about to start, and Hidenori starts playing shiritori once more using this sentence. Tadakuni involuntarily plays along for his turn, and then snaps at the others that he’s not playing this again.

High School Boys and the Train to SchoolEdit

Main article: Chapter 18

On his morning train commute to school, Hidenori has noticed a girl who boards the same car as he does every morning. He watches her everyday and tries to think of ways to approach her. This is because she has a hair growing out of a mole on her neck. He wants to tell her about it really badly, but can’t muster the courage.

Having missed many chances, he takes his worries to a boy from school. The schoolmate advises him not to say anything, because the girl won’t understand he’s just being kind. Even after receiving this red light, Hidenori finds it hard to stifle his thoughts. On the next train ride, he pulls himself together and moves to stand next to the girl. Once he does so, however, he chickens out again. Losing his composure, he internally begs Yoshitake to help him and even vows to switch train lines henceforth.

Suddenly, a thought strikes him. He finds it weird that despite having such a noticeable mole hair, nobody had pointed it out to the girl yet. He speculates that perhaps she didn’t have many friends, or was lonely. As he concludes this train of thought, the train pulls into the station and the girl exits. Behind her, the doors close.

A voice then tells the girl to wait, and she turns around. It’s Hidenori, who’s followed her on to the platform. Realizing that the issue involves more than just his satisfaction, he decides to take the plunge. After a short silence, he points to his neck and tells her there’s a hair in her mole. Immediately, she yelps in embarrassment and covers it with her hand, looking downwards. Hidenori starts fearing the worst.

To his surprise, the girl slowly chuckles before laughing heartily. She thanks Hidenori with a cheerful smile and leaves. Alone on the platform, he thinks to himself how foolish he’d been for taking something so silly that seriously.

Ending SongEdit

“Ohisama” – by Amesaki Annainin

High School Girls are FunkyEdit

Theme SongEdit

High School Girls are Funky Jingle

Uniform and BoyfriendEdit

Main articles: Chapter 15.2, Chapter 15.3

The three girls Ikushima, Habara and Yanagin are gathered at Habara’s house. Ikushima suddenly turns towards the others and asks them how one obtained a boyfriend. They look up at her, and she starts to say something about boyfriends. Immediately, Yanagin flares up, aghast that she asked something ‘so shameful’, and punches her in the nose, causing her to fall over bleeding.

Habara immediately restrains Yanagin, who remarks that Ikushima’s too desperate. Habara tells her to calm down, and suggests that they find something to kill time. When Ikushima and Habara ask Yanagin what they should do, she yells that anything they do would be fine, because they are high school girls. She adds that fame and money are assured even if they try outlandish things like a jazz band, kendo, mah-jong and synchronised swimming.

Yanagin then says that high school boys, in contrast, were pitiful. Despite being any good only at fighting and sports, they had to do stupid things in order to make an anime about daily life. Ikushima and Habara respond that they don’t care about boys. Suddenly, Yanagin asks Habara for her older brother’s uniform, saying that high school girls are funny no matter what they do. Habara is against the idea, but Ikushima likes it and she puts on the uniform.

Ikushima and Yanagin then play around, ending up rolling on the floor. They stop at the door, when they realize someone’s there. It’s Habara’s brother, who's seen it all and announces in a shaky voice that he’s home. The two girls shriek in embarrassment.


A notice says that the next episode features the short ‘High School Boys and the School Festival’, among others. Yoshitake says that the next episode features new characters coming in one after another.

This is followed by another notice that says “New characters will be introduced from Sanada North High’s Student Council. The East High student council president’s nickname is ‘Ringo-chan’”. Yoshitake announces that Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou is brought to the viewers by the following sponsors. Hidenori notes that it was normal, and Yoshitake agrees.

End ScreenEdit

Carrying on from previous episodes, the end screen features three panels of Yoshitake, with the send-off message ‘See You Next Week’.


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  1. The English translation of this is given to be ‘Girls like their men the way they like their ramen – hot’.


  • Differences between the anime and manga:
    • In ‘High School Boys and the Beach House’, the manga only shows Yoshitake’s advances failing, but the anime shows Motoharu as well. Also, the scene of Hidenori’s glasses getting washed away is added in the anime.
    • In ‘Hot Spring Table Tennis’:
      • Karasawa suggests the loser’s penalty only in the anime.
      • In the hot spring, Karasawa is shown without his cap in the manga, but he wears it in the anime.
      • There are 6 boys at the hot spring in the manga, but only 5 in the anime.
    • In ‘Summer Memories’, Motoharu is seen at the fireworks display in the anime, but not in the manga.
  • Fake brands: In 'Radio DJ', Tadakuni is once again reading 'Yon Piece'.
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