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High School Boys and the Morning Journey[]

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The main trio are walking home from school, when Tadakuni finds a sturdy stick on the road. As he bends to pick it up, Hidenori attacks him from behind, but Tadakuni intercepts him. Starting a role-play, Hidenori reacts in disbelief and Yoshitake begins narrating that ‘Tadakuni the swordsman’ has begun his quest to become the strongest warrior. Tadakuni appears uninterested and continues walking, but Yoshitake bugs him by repeating continuously that he’s taking damage due to equipping the sword wrongly, causing Tadakuni to snap at him.

Hidenori then appears as Jack, an arrogant warrior who says he needs Tadakuni’s help to defeat two demon lords and rule the world. Tadakuni finds this plot too extravagant, but agrees to follow him. They meet a couple of monsters (all played by Yoshitake), the second of which reveals himself to be a mid-boss. Hidenori defeats him in one stroke, then says the enemy was actually one of the demon lords, and Tadakuni reacts in consternation because the plot’s moving too fast. Yoshitake and Hidenori then realize they’ve forgotten their bags and the three run off, leaving the stick behind.

A while later, Motoharu, a student wearing a cap, and a third student show up. As Motoharu picks up the stick, the three start a similar role-play with ‘Motoharu the warrior’ pitted against a demon. Just as they are ready to take action, a high school girl walks by. After she moves out of sight, the boys drop the stick and shuffle off, red-faced and embarrassed.

Opening Theme Song[]

“Shiny Tale” – by Mix Speakers Inc.

High School Boys and the Convex Mirror Girl[]

Main article: Chapter 7

Tadakuni walks into the pizzeria where he works part-time and greets Nago and Yasunori, his co-workers of his age. He tells Nago he has a question, and asks her what high school girls found attractive about boys. He ends up feeling disappointed when Nago’s answers implies that looks are what really matters. Nago asks him if he wanted to be popular and Tadakuni responds that he already is, adding that he’d even been punched by a girl at a riverbank. Nago then asks him why high school boys tended to randomly start talking about themselves, at which Tadakuni and Yasunori apologize and fall silent.

The two then start saying that when it came to looks, Nago needed to work on hers more than either of them did, which annoys her. She asks Yasunori for a convex mirror, takes off her glasses and poses in front of it. The image in the mirror becomes one of a slim, attractive girl with a cheerful smile, which shocks the boys into silence. They confront her about this ‘alter-ego’, but she prefers not to discuss it and tells them to get moving with their deliveries.

As the boys leave the pizzeria, Yasunori asks Tadakuni if he thought they’d ever get to see the girl in the convex mirror again. Tadakuni responds that it was unlikely, but he’d never lose hope. In the background, an embarrassed Nago yells at them to move along.


A notice is displayed that says “We kept you waiting! Today, you’ll see the real ending. There’s a special chapter after the ending, so please stay tuned.”

Yoshitake announces that Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou may or may not be brought to the viewers by the following sponsors, at which Tadakuni tells him that it really is.

High School Boys and the Power of Friendship[]

Main article: Chapter 8

Tadakuni’s sister kicks him down in front of a startled Hidenori and Yoshitake, whom she accuses of having stolen her underwear again. They deny it, and she initially doesn’t buy it, then demands that they find the ‘real’ culprit. At this point, Yoshitake notices in alarm that Hidenori’s actually wearing her bra under his shirt.

Later, the trio are in the garden staking a lookout for the so-called culprit. Yoshitake decides to tell Tadakuni about Hidenori but notices in shock that he too is wearing his sister’s bra. He then heads to the riverbank to do some thinking, and ends up deciding to beat some sense into his friends and make them apologize. As he leaves, however, he has second thoughts about whether a true friend would act this way. Back at Tadakuni’s house, he takes the sister’s panties and pulls them over his head, deciding to join his friends and ‘bear the burden of their sins’. Suddenly, Hidenori and Tadakuni jump out and accuse him of being the culprit, much to his shock.

They pin him from either side, and Tadakuni’s sister runs at him in anger to attack him. The sight of her fury makes him so scared that he rats out the other two, while being sent into the air as a result of her onslaught. The two start cursing him for betraying them.

Transition scene: A still of the main trio in bizarre clothing (taken from the Chapter 1 cover). Next to them is the text “How beautiful friendship is!”. Yoshitake announces the show’s name.

High School Boys and the Literary Girl 2[]

Main article: Chapter 9

The Literary Girl is reading on the riverbank, when Motoharu stands behind her. He starts talking about how the wind steals everything that’s precious to him and how he’ll stop it one day. This is enough to drive her into shock, and she turns around and faces him. After a short silence, he smiles and leaves. As he reaches the top of the bank, he reddens and covers his face with his hands, because he got the wrong girl. Just then, his sister, who looks exactly like the Literary Girl from behind, greets him. He asks her in anguish where she’d been, and she says she was at the convenience store.

High School Boys and Traditional Events[]

Main article: Chapter 10

The main trio are fooling around after school, when Karasawa (the student in the cap from earlier) approaches them. He tells them that there’s a volunteer program in the evening to clean up a street nearby, and they should all take part. They express reluctance, but he insists that such events are important. Upon this, Hidenori asks him for the school's events pamphlet and browses through it. He then expresses shock and complains about an event called the ’70-hour fast’. Karasawa agrees that it’s strange, and Hidenori and the others head to the principal’s office to find out more about it.

They ask the principal about the festival, but the principal secretly has no clue at all. Not wanting to leave the students without an answer, he starts weaving a yarn about how the school faced a drop in admissions in 1984, and the then-principal plead to the prefecture for 70 hours non-stop until the crisis was averted.

The main trio appear to appreciate the meaning behind the event, and are told by the principal that they didn’t actually have to fast, and just had to respect the history behind it. Karasawa, leafing through the pamphlet, then points out that the school was founded in 1989. Everyone else collapses.

High School Boys and Childhood[]

Main article: Chapter 16

Motoharu is walking home with his sister. She starts a conversation by asking him what he wants for dinner, to which he says soba. She then says that their sibling relationship was much more friendly than most others she knew. Motoharu agrees and brings up examples of his own friends (Yoshitake and Tadakuni), but adds that their own case was different because their parents were rarely at home.

His sister disagrees and points to a spot on the riverbank where she says they used to play his favourite game – she would pick him up by the arms and swing him around. This embarrasses Motoharu and he denies it. The two bicker about it for a while, before he accepts and tells her to move on. She then says she’ll remind him about the game by playing it right now with him. Motoharu points out that he’s much taller than her now, so she wouldn’t be able to.

A few seconds later, loud screams are heard on the bank as Motoharu’s sister manages to pick him up and spin him around. As he spins, tears come to his eyes when it reminds him that it was actually his sister’s favorite way of bullying him as a child.

High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2[]

Main article: Chapter 17

The main trio are at Tadakuni’s house, when Hidenori randomly starts talking about what happened to him while brushing his teeth that morning. He says that he saw something on his eyebrow and tried to pluck it off, but it turned out to be a long white eyebrow hair. This terrifies Yoshitake who asks him to stop, but Tadakuni points out it wasn’t that scary. Calling him conceited for winning their last ghost story contest, Yoshitake says it’s his turn. Hidenori places a phone call to Karasawa and asks him to come over, since he’s good with scary stuff.

Yoshitake says that while scrubbing soap into his face once, he shoved his finger too far into his nostril, causing a crunching noise in his head. His nose then started bleeding, but it thankfully stopped very soon. Hidenori and Tadakuni aren’t scared at all by this. Tadakuni then says it’s his turn and adds that his story wasn’t scary either, but he once saw Karasawa take off his cap, and saw something hilarious underneath.

The others are extremely interested to know what he saw, but he refuses to tell them for Karasawa’s sake. They then decide to set up an attack to grab Karasawa's cap, and go outside. To their shock, they find Tadakuni’s younger sister already confronting Karasawa, revealing that she had been listening in on them. The three then chase after a scared and confused Karasawa, who has no idea what’s happening. Tadakuni watches them run, and wonders again if he'd be able to confess it was just a lie.

Ending Theme Song[]

“Ohisama” – by Amesaki Annainin

The Daily Life of a Lady[]

Main article: Chapter 15.1

Inside a large and fancy mansion, a pink-haired girl is throwing a tantrum in her bedroom about wanting to skip school. Her three butlers (Ayase, Nagano and Toyogawa), who address her as Lady Yukana, try to convince her otherwise, saying that school is necessary. She ignores them and continues yelling, prompting Toyogawa to say that she shouldn’t yell so much else her false tooth would fall out. She angrily denies having one, then asks the butlers to come up with convincing excuses for her sake.

The butlers begin providing clichéd examples, which displeases her. Toyogawa, however, states that her excuse should be about her false tooth falling out. This makes Yukana angry, and she again denies having a false tooth. She asks the butlers to come up with better ideas, but finds the next set of excuses too ridiculous, and says they'll try again. When Toyogawa objects that she'd skipped his turn, she responds that he'd only bring up the tooth again.

The butlers then start using her friend Imada in their excuses, which irritates her even further. She yells at them and her false tooth falls out, causing a silence. She asks if anyone has a problem with it. Suddenly, Toyogawa puts on a glove and picks it up. He rushes at the other two with the tooth, and they start running around the room. Yukana becomes agitated at them for playing with it, screaming at them to stop. In tears, she picks up her bag and announces that she's going to school, while looking for glue to fix back the tooth.


A notice says that the next episode features the short ‘High School Boys and Summer Memories’, among others. Yoshitake says that the next episode features the long-awaited summer vacation. This is followed by another notice that says “Stay tuned to find out who goes with Tadakuni to the beach. By the way, in the first manga volume, isn’t there a little old man on Yoshitake’s head?”.

Yoshitake wonders out loud if Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou really was brought to the viewers by the following sponsors. Tadakuni impatiently says it really was.

End Screen[]

Like in Episode 1, a smaller version of the same panel of Yoshitake is shown, with the same send-off message.


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  • Differences between the anime and manga:
    • The following shorts have manga-only end scenes:
    • In "Power of Friendship", Tadakuni's sister's attack in the anime launches Yoshitake skywards, unlike in the manga.
  • The outro note mentions an old man sitting on top of Yoshitake’s head in the manga. This appears on the cover of Volume 1, where the characters are standing on a real riverbank. The background includes a real-life old man sitting on a bench some distance away from the characters and his positioning makes it look like he’s perched on Yoshitake’s head.