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The 12th and final episode of the Daily Lives of High School Boys anime.

High School Girls are Funky - Demon[]

Main article: Chapter 81.5

Habara is thinking about Karasawa’s strange behavior in her presence. She realizes that whenever she approaches him from behind, he turns as if having sensed her there. If they talked face-to-face, he had the habit of letting his arms hang free. And if she sat next to him, he’d make sure there was some distance between them.

That wasn’t all. Upon seeing her laugh at any point, Karasawa’s eyes would widen and he’d sweat profusely. If she touched him in any way, he’d instinctively put his hand near the ballpoint pen in his pocket. Whenever she returned anything she borrowed from him, he’d use an anti-bacterial spray on it.

Habara is walking behind Ikushima and Habara whilst pondering all this, and tries to put it all together. Stopping, she turns red and wonders if it could be because Karasawa felt something special for her. Immediately, she tells herself in embarrassment that it can’t be the case. As if having overheard it all, Ikushima and Yanagin look at her and say she’s right about him, in a certain way.

Opening Theme Song[]

“Ohisama” – by Amesaki Annainin.

For the final episode, the OP and ED are switched around.

High School Boys and Lies[]

Main article: Chapter 83

While walking with Yoshitake, Motoharu says there’s something he wants to know, and asks Yoshitake what ‘Twitter’ is. Narrowing his eyes at him, Yoshitake goes on to say that many celebrities have been saying online that they ate it. He explains that it’s a type of pasta made with a wheat flour-based dough, considered a delicacy because it’s very hard to make.

Motoharu says he has another question, and asks him what ‘KY’ is. The two avoid eye contact as Yoshitake says it stands for ‘Environment Protection Convention’ (Kankyō Yōgo kikaku), adopted by companies to voluntarily become more environment-friendly. He adds that there are ‘KY’ labels on many supermarket items. Motoharu accepts this, and asks what ‘tsundere’ is.

Yoshitake says it’s a technical term in American criminology that refers to an abnormal, aggressive romantic relationship known to end up in murder. The next question is about ‘doyagao’, and he says it’s Hokkaido tongue for a face that looks like a pair of sandals. Motoharu then asks about ‘agepoyo’, and Yoshitake responds that it’s the name of a 1980s manga that recently received a second spike in popularity.

Following this, he is asked what an ‘MMORPG’ is. He says it’s a type of online multiplayer game. They continue walking in silence, and Motoharu notes that Yoshitake finally got one answer right.


A notice says “Since it’s the last episode, we went with the irregular format of having the ED first” followed by “This is the last episode of ‘Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou’. We hope you enjoy it to the very end.”

Hidenori says the last episode of the show is brought to the viewers lazily by the following sponsors. Tadakuni snaps at him for calling it 'lazy'.

High School Boys and UFO Catchers[]

Main article: Chapter 84

Tadakuni and Yoshitake watch Hidenori struggling with a crane game. He lowers the clamp but narrowly fails to grab an item (all of which are teddy bears). He gapes at it in dismay and his friends tell him to just give up because he’s been failing for a while. Yoshitake then decides to have a go. He ends up getting nowhere near any bear at all.

Yoshitake then turns to Hidenori and says ‘See?’, but Hidenori doesn’t get it. Now out of cash, he tries begging a reluctant Tadakuni for money, when Yoshitake suddenly grabs a bear. He exclaims in triumph and tries manoeuvring it to the exit hatch, but it somehow slips out and lands right next to it. Tadakuni suggests shaking the machine to get it, but the three of them can’t move it even an inch. An on-screen advisory says “Good boys and girls mustn’t do this”.

Having lost all hope, they decide to leave. On the way out, Hidenori notices Tadakuni’s younger sister making her way to the same crane game. He tells her to forget it as it’s a waste of money, but she proceeds to grab and shake the machine violently. The on-screen message is repeated, and the bear which almost belonged to the boys falls squarely into the hatch.

The sister calmly picks it up and walks away. The trio stare after her, dismayed by her strength.

High School Boys and the Store Employee[]

Main article: Chapter 85

Back again at the arcade, Hidenori is now trying the adjacent crane game, which has figurines as rewards instead of teddy bears. One box is close to the exit slot, and he makes a concentrated effort to grab it, but the clamp just taps it harmlessly instead of picking it up. Pausing, Hidenori notes that it’s bad to keep trying so hard for a figurine.

That’s because it’s embarrassing for him if others see him and suspect he wants one that badly. According to him, his real reason for trying is because he wants to feel the sense of success that only beating a crane game can offer. However, he suspects nobody will buy it, so he guesses he might as well just say he likes figurines. His biggest concern is the regret he’ll feel if he leaves without winning, so he vows to get one at all costs.

A voice calls out to him from behind, and he notices in alarm that an employee is right behind him. She offers to move the prize for his sake, and he turns red. He is aghast that she’s been watching him all along, and doesn’t want her to help because he wants to experience the thrill of beating it. He prepares to tell her this, and asks her why she thought he needed help. She tells him bluntly that it looked like he was desperate for a figurine.

Shocked by her directness, he nevertheless understands by her clear gaze[note 1] that she’s not being condescending, and he lets her help him. She continues watching him play thereafter, making him all the more uneasy. When he finally bags the prize, she exclaims happily and holds up his hand, loudly congratulating him. Hidenori feels embarrassed to no end and others in the arcade stare over in surprise[note 2].

She cheerfully requests him to come back again, and Hidenori yells that he never would.

High School Boys and Assertiveness[]

Main article: Chapter 94.1

At West High, Takahiro and his friend are looking out of a classroom window. They see a boy leaving, who’s suddenly stopped by a girl in his class, and loudly chided by her for skipping cleaning duties. The boy tells her he switched places with someone else because he had something to do that day, and the girl says he should have told her first.

Takahiro asks his friend what he thought about a situation like that, where a girl singles out one guy to scold without good cause. Outside, the girl is now yelling at the guy for some reason and he becomes apologetic, making the two onlookers uncomfortable. Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, Takahiro’s friend tells him he’s sure the two have known each other for a long time.

Just then, the boy requests “Kagaya-san” to calm down. Aghast, Takahiro points out there’s no way they know each other well if he’s using ‘-san’ to address her. Not giving up, his friend suggests that she may be coming off as pushy because she has a strong sense of duty. However, turning back outside, they now see Kagaya awkwardly asking her classmate to take her along wherever he’s going.

The boy is taken aback, and so are the two upstairs. Takahiro exclaims that she’s really forcing herself on him and thinks it outrageous, and his friend too accepts her character and says she’s probably consumed by desire. Just then, he notices Yassan walk past them. He asks her what she thought of girls like that.

Yassan turns around and looks outside. After a while, she snaps and says that she can’t stand it. The others stare poker-faced at her as she goes on to call Kagaya’s behaviour shameful and irrational. She adds that she would personally never inconvenience anyone like that. At this point, the two boys smile wryly and Takahiro’s friend says it’s interesting to hear that from someone who actually chased after a boy from another school.

Takahiro adds that it had become a famous story. Yassan screams, red-faced.

High School Boys and Getting Hit On[]

Main article: Chapter 94.2

Ringo is hanging out in North High’s council room while the hard-working council trio are busy. She says she’s bored and receives no response, then stands up and declares that they should all go out and have fun, startling the others. They stare at her in dismay. A little later, they're all outside, and the Vice President remarks in disappointment that they really had been busy. He wonders why Ringo kept showing up all the time.

Motoharu then notices she’s missing. Karasawa spots her a little distance from them, holding a plate of food and having been cornered by three strange guys from North High. They ask her if she’d like to spend some time with them. In response, she starts eating aggressively, and the startled guys try to convince her they aren’t after her food.

The student council trio intervene at this point and Karasawa sends the guys off. The VP scolds her and tells her not to wander off on her own. Motoharu asks him what they should do now, and the VP thinks about it and asks Ringo, but they see she’s wandered off again and gotten cornered by another set of guys.

They intervene once more, and the VP pleads with her not to stray from them. Motoharu wonders why she’s getting hit on so much. Some food item suddenly catches Ringo’s eyes, and she runs off paying no heed to them. Immediately, a blond guy approaches her with his back to the trio and asks Ringo if she’d like to grab something to eat. She exclaims in surprise.

Exasperated at her getting hit on instantly, the VP elbows the chuckling newcomer fiercely in the back of the neck, knocking him out cold. He tells the others they’re getting out of there, but Motoharu looks down at the fainted figure and it seems familiar to him.

Realizing who it is, the trio react in horror. Motoharu and the VP scream that it’s the Student Council President.

High School Boys and Frankfurters[]

Main article: Chapter 86

The main trio, Motoharu and Mitsuo are walking home. Mitsuo is eating a frankfurter. All of a sudden, it falls out of his hand as he lifts it to his mouth. Yoshitake reacts quick as lightning and extends a palm to stop it from falling down. The pointy end of the stick hits him, though, and he screams and winces, sending it flying.

The frankfurter hasn’t been secured, and Hidenori runs in from behind them to do so. He cups his hands to catch it, but receives the sharp end just like Yoshitake. Screaming, both fall down and the food ends up being propelled forward. This time, Motoharu slides in for the rescue along the ground and smacks the frankfurter hard, sending it upward at an angle.

Ahead of the boys, Ringo is crossing the road, when the frankfurter hits her in the face out of nowhere. She yelps and covers her eyes, and it flies off again. Walking a little in front of the boys is Takahiro’s friend, and the projectile lands neatly into the back of his shirt. He freaks out, thinking it’s a bug, and scrambles to get it out.

Picking it up, he closes his eyes and throws it away from him. He ends up executing a perfect spiral throw towards the North High boys. However, it heads for Tadakuni, who is slow to react and gets hit by the sharp end in the stomach. As he grimaces in pain, the frankfurter finally touches ground. Hidenori, Yoshitake and Motoharu are dismayed.

Mitsuo sadly picks it up. He then shrugs and starts eating it again, shocking the others who had tried so hard, only to have it not even matter.

(Anime-only) High School Boys and…[]

Tadakuni is getting ready for school and makes sure he’s dressed neatly. He leaves the house and sets off. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and he stops on a part of road overlooking the town. Enjoying the view, he notes that although nothing seemed out of place, his familiar everyday life would be ending shortly. Today is the day he graduates from high school.

He turns on hearing familiar voices, and sees his two best friends. The three of them take in the scenery together, and Tadakuni remarks that they’re finally graduating. Hidenori says that with Tadakuni leaving thereafter to Tokyo, Yoshitake to Osaka and he himself going back home, the three of them would be parting ways. Yoshitake says that no matter what, they’d still be friends forever. The others agree. Hidenori says they should get going and kick off this new journey for themselves, and the trio continue on to school, laughing.

Later at school, the graduation ceremony is underway in the auditorium. As the principal addresses the graduating third-years, familiar faces are seen among the audience, and Tadakuni reflects on his time in high school. He wonders what he would come to learn after graduating, and whether anything of his experiences would remain besides his memories. He comes to accept that his seemingly endless high school days have finally gotten over.

After the ceremony, the main trio gather by the shoe lockers one last time. Near the gates, Karasawa and Motoharu try to console an emotional Vice President (now the student council president). They joke that a big guy in his position shouldn’t cry. A familiar voice calls out to them, and they see the (ex) Student Council President at the gates, joined by none other than Ringo. He tells them to cut out the weird talk, and she calls them hopeless.

The boys are pleasantly surprised, and the VP embraces the SCP, calling him the president. The SCP points out he's no longer the president, and that just like him, the VP would continue the cycle by passing on his duties. Motoharu and Karasawa smile and remark that to them, the SCP would always be their president.

In Class 2-A, celebratory messages are scrawled all over the board. As Mitsuo prepares to leave, he notices a box in his desk and picks it up. It’s labelled “Happy Birthday”, and he opens it to find his model set that had been destroyed earlier. He smiles, happy that it’s the real deal this time.

The main trio go their own ways after school. At the old shrine, Yoshitake is seen digging under a tree, and is happy to find something. He picks up and dusts off an old box, inside which are several childhood toys, a letter to his future self, and most importantly Rubber Shooter’s mask. He wears the mask on his head and reads the letter, in which a young Yoshitake asks if he’d become a hero ten years in the future. Yoshitake smiles and remarks that of course he couldn’t.

Hidenori takes his final trip to the riverbank as a high school boy, and is reading there at sunset. The wind blows past softly, making him look up and notice Yassan behind him. She too is wearing a graduation ribbon. Hidenori looks out at the water and says that the wind was troubled that day. Yassan responds that the wind was weeping ever so softly.

Having recreated their very first conversation together, Hidenori surprises her by saying that those were tears of happiness, not sadness. He stands up and turns around to face her. Offering her his hand, he says they should make haste, lest the wind ceases. Blushing gently, Yassan smiles and takes his hand.

Tadakuni is enjoying the sunset, looking out over the town. He hears his sister call him, and turns to see her standing there. After an awkward silence, she composes herself and congratulates him on his graduation, smiling. She skips off, and he is still staring after her in surprise, when another voice calls his name. He notices an attractive girl in Central High uniform smiling at him.

She hesitates, and tells him she was wondering whether to say this to him, but just had to after hearing that he was leaving for Tokyo. Now blushing vividly, she repeats that she has to tell him something before he leaves. Tadakuni, perplexed, asks her to wait. He feels bad and pauses, then asks her who she is.

The girl reacts in shock. Turning tearful, she asks him why he couldn’t remember her. Seeing her cover her face with her hands, he apologizes frantically. Still confused, however, he asks her where they had first met. Looking at him with trembling eyes, she tells him he came there only because he said he wanted to see her again. Holding out a bandanna and a pair of glasses, she says she came from inside the mirror. Tadakuni sees an apparition of Nago smiling.

He gasps in horror and springs upwards, only to find himself panting on the floor of his room at sunset. He angrily asks if all of that had only been a dream.[note 3]

Ending Theme Song[]

“Shiny Tale” – by Mix Speakers Inc.

The version played here uses different verses of the song from the normal opening, as well as different visuals. The visuals are a compilation of various moments from the series, showcasing most major and minor characters.

Final short[]

Tadakuni runs out of his house with a piece of toast in his mouth, late again for school. As he runs, he mentally introduces himself once more to the viewers, saying he lived an ordinary life in an ordinary town. Yoshitake calls him from behind, and he turns around smiling, only to ask in shock what he’s eating. Yoshitake is wearing a pot on a tray attached to his neck. Between mouthfuls, he tells Tadakuni that it's leftover cheese fondue from last night.

From the other side, Hidenori remarks that he can’t do that. Calmly slicing a large rodízio-style[note 4] steak into his own tray while running, he says that one should always carry toast to school while running late. Tadakuni snaps at him, saying there was way too much wrong with what he'd just said.

As the trio continue running, Tadakuni says to himself that his everyday life with his silly, hopeless and self-conscious friends was still a long way from getting over. They jump in unison, and declare that their journey had just begun.

The text ‘End’ is shown, marking the completion of the series.

(Anime-only) High School Girls are Funky: The Movie[]

The regular jingle starts playing in the background, and the girls celebrate their graduation. They show themselves wearing scarves (and their normal uniforms) at the Tower Bridge, and Ikushima and Yanagin narrate that they’ve come to London for their graduation trip. They are then seen walking around London, but stop in horror on seeing their arch-rival, the Silver Devil.

The Silver Devil smiles wickedly, and Habara unleashes the Archdemon. The two are shown charging at one another, while Yanagin and Ikushima cower in terror. Narrating, Yanagin wonders just who would win, and she and Ikushima announce the movie title “High School Girls are Funky: The Movie – Archdemon vs Silver Devil”.

An anguished Habara cuts in and says they’re not doing that. Ikushima and Yanagin grin.


The final outro is a still of the main trio. Hidenori says that a lot of stuff had happened, and it was now over. Tadakuni repeats the line, sounding disappointed. An on-screen notice says “The first season of Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou that you’ve been enjoying is now over. Thanks for watching. Let’s meet again in the second season, which is live-action and features young, attractive actors (just kidding)”.

Yoshitake announces that Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijou is brought to the viewers lazily by the following sponsors. For the last time, Tadakuni tells him not to say ‘lazy’.

End Screen[]

The end screen is the word ‘END’, spelled out by panels of Yoshitake holding his tie above his head as usual.


In order of appearance:

Episode Credits[]


  1. Her eyes aren’t depicted at all.
  2. One of them is Takahiro's friend.
  3. It is not clear exactly how much of “High School Boys and…” is Tadakuni’s dream, and it appears to be open to interpretation. While the boys running to school in the next sketch hints that the graduation never happened, the presence of details like the student council reunion and Yoshitake visiting the shrine would be strange in Tadakuni’s dream, since he ostensibly does not know about some of them. One view is that everything in the sketch happens as is except for Tadakuni’s encounter with the convex mirror girl, which is an unrelated dream he had while still in school. There is no official confirmation regarding any of this.
  4. A Brazilian style of service (especially in steakhouses) in which the food is sliced directly on to the plate from skewers.


  • Differences between the manga and anime:
    • The end scenes of the following shorts are manga-only:
    • In 'HSGF: Demon', the spray Karasawa uses is labelled 'Anti-bacterial' in the anime. There is no label in the manga.
    • In ‘UFO Catchers’, the almost-successful attempt is made by Hidenori in the manga and Yoshitake in the anime. Also, the on-screen advisory is slightly different in the anime.
    • In ‘Store Employee’, the anime version is clearly shown to take place in the same arcade as the previous sketch. This is not true of the manga.
  • Fake brands in the episode:
    • In “HSGF: Demon”, the DVD Habara returns is titled 'HIB', with two suited men on the cover carrying large blasters. This is a reference to the Men in Black series.
      The DVD
    • In “UFO Catchers” and “Store Employee”, there are various examples:
      • A poster on the wall and some machines advertise “Segya’s Ponyo Ponyo”, a reference to the “Puyo Puyo” games by SEGA.
      • Likewise, a poster and some machines advertise “Kikken”, a reference to the Tekken series.
        Ponyo Ponyo DX Kikken
      • Madoka-based figurine
        The figurine Hidenori is trying to get is based on the model of Madoka from Madoka Magica. A board in the anime advertises it as a ‘rare figure only available in arcades’.
    • In “Getting Hit On”, Motoharu gets a can of the ‘Sunrise Nine’ drink (with the Sunrise logo) which is also seen in a couple of previous episodes.
    • In the last HSGF short, the girls’ airplane is seen having the Sunrise logo on its fin.
Sunrise plane
  • Hidenori’s sponsor announcement in the intermission, and Yoshitake’s in the outro, are throwbacks to the respective segments of the Episode 1, in which the same joke is made.
  • In the HSGF movie short, the scene featuring the Archdemon and Silver Devil battling has the Eiffel Tower in the background for some reason, despite it being set in London. Also, the entire sketch is a reference to the K-On! movie.
  • In “High School Boys and…”:
    • A placard at North High says “21st Graduation Ceremony”. Given that the school was founded in 1989, the first graduation ceremony would have perhaps taken place in 1991 or 1992, meaning the protagonists graduate in 2011 or 2012 (coinciding with the anime’s run). This means the show is set in 2010/11, which is the only information of any kind regarding a real-world timeline for the series. However, it is anime-only information.
    • A Class 2-A student who is unseen in the class photo is shown carrying the head of the bear costume used in their famous on-stage performance. This indicates he could have played that role.
    • The SCP greets the student council trio with the same line marking his first entrance in the series.
    • The SCP and Ringo are wearing matching black jackets with a red logo that has the text “Sanada” on it, implying that the two are likely attending the same university.
    • Tadakuni wakes up in his room in a position very similar to the one in the introduction of Episode 4. This gave rise to a fan theory that episodes 4-12 are all his dream. The theory is most likely incorrect because of its unlikely implications, such as Tadakuni having dreamt about Hidenori’s private visit to the shrine in Episode 5.
E4 E12
  • The final sketch plays out in a similar way to the introduction of the very first episode.