The following is general list of pending tasks, aimed at improving the completeness, accuracy and overall presentation of the wiki.


Relevant info: Manual of Style

  • Adding {{Fairuse}} to existing images where needed.
  • Finding and adding the sources (using Template:Source for better tracking) for existing images where necessary, or temporarily marking them as 'unknown source'.


  • Adding galleries for all characters.
  • Filling in the sections/sub-pages 'In the Series', 'Relationships' etc.
  • Adding remaining characters (refer to poll).
  • Accurately translating the entire poll.
  • Replacing the 5 existing infobox templates with one.


  • Adding remaining episode galleries: E1 to E12.
  • Completing the infobox images for each episode: E5 to E11.
  • Adding the list of characters for each episode, as well as episode credits.
  • Adding a page for the Specials.
  • Finding references for episode release dates.


  • Adding remaining chapters (with images).
  • Finding any information about chapter release dates.

Other mediaEdit

  • Finding out details about data-books, BD/DVD bonuses, merchandise etc., and adding them.
  • Adding pages for the anime and manga polls.
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