Chemistry Club President
Chem prez 1
Age: 16-18
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Light brown
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation(s): -High school student
-Chemistry club president
Affiliation(s): -Sanada North High
-Team 10
Other information
Debut: Chapter 77 (manga)
Episode 12 (anime)
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Chemistry Club President is a student attending Sanada North High. He makes a small appearance in the anime alongside the Computer Club Member and Film Research Society President.

Appearance Edit

He has messy blond hair and a prominent underbite, which makes his voice seem nasal. He usually wears the Noth High uniform without the coat. Later, it is revealed that his underbite is just for show and he has no problems speaking.

Personality Edit

Initially, he appears to be mean and rude as in his dealings with the Club Seeker. Due to their similar personalities, he quickly becomes friends with the Computer Club Member and Film Research Society President. They come off as delinquents when attempting to hit on Ringo later on. In his meeting with Yanagin, he is shown to be a member of Team 10 and a good person at heart. When confronted with a serious situation, he sometimes likes to pretend it doesn't exist, like when the Archdemon momentarily resurfaces.