“High School Boys and Truancy” is the 95th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 94. Motoharu’s older sister helps Yoshitake out with his homework.

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Hidenori greets Tadakuni and Yoshitake on the way to school. He notes that Yoshitake doesn’t look happy and asks him what’s wrong. Yoshitake answers that it’s because they were off to school and he wasn’t in the mood for it. Hidenori immediately suggests skipping school, startling him.

He asks him if he’s serious and Hidenori affirms. Tadakuni objects to the idea, saying that the school would call up their homes if they were absent without reason. Yoshitake resigns the idea, but Hidenori tries to think of excuses they can employ. He adds that it needs to be something that required all three of them to be unavailable.

Hidenori suggests saying that Yoshitake was grievously injured, to which Yoshitake responds that it’s easy to disprove. His next suggestion is that Yoshitake ran off laughing and they had to follow him, which is shot down as well as it would make him the laughing stock of the school. Hidenori starts thinking of something else using Yoshitake, but Yoshitake asks to stop being made the scapegoat.

Tadakuni says he still wants to go to school. However, he ends up suggesting the next plan: that they see an old woman in pain and take her to the hospital. They realize it needs to be more realistic and consider adding details. Yoshitake forwards the idea of keeping it vague on the pretext that they helped the person out in a hurry. Tadakuni then says that people would normally just call an ambulance.

The boys consider this in silence. Hidenori takes out his phone and decides to make a call anyway. He calls the teacher and tells her in an agitated tone that the three of them saw someone fainted on the street and need to help the person to the hospital. He hangs up and tells the others that the teacher had allowed them to carry on.

Excited, the boys run to celebrate their freedom. They stop short on seeing a man fallen on the sidewalk, struggling in agony. Their excuse has turned into reality. Anxious, they realise they now have to help him.


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