“High School Boys and the Train Carriage” is the 93rd chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 92. Yassan stops running, startled to see that Hidenori is missing. Behind her, Hidenori makes his escape.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Seated in a moving train, Tadakuni’s younger sister yells angrily as if in response to an insult. Her head then droops to one side and her mouth stays open. Seated on the other side, Takahiro stares at her uneasily, wondering if she’s talking in her sleep. He is unable to figure out if she really is awake, but her prolonged silence tells him she isn’t.

She then mumbles in pain and tells someone to stop hitting her, making Takahiro wonder what sort of dream it was. The sister continues mumbling, this time as if struggling to identify or describe some person. She pinpoints them as ‘that gullible one’ and Takahiro is unable to figure anything out.

He stares ahead, ignoring her. Suddenly, Tadakuni’s sister asks in an embarrassed tone whether everything she said had been heard. He looks at her, but she is still asleep and sleep-talking to someone, which annoys him. Next, she murmurs softly, followed by angrier murmuring while scratching the back of her neck. Takahiro is nonplussed when her next phrase is ‘knuckle candy’.

After a brief silence, she begins telling someone it’s all right as if encouraging them. He tries to figure out what dream this is, wondering if it could be that of a driving lesson when she yells at someone to stop in order to avoid the scraping. She then goes back to acting as if in pain. When the next phrase is ‘knuckle candy’ once more, Takahiro cannot contain himself and yells asking what that means.

Tadakuni’s sister wakes up and turns towards him, startled. In an effort to cover it up, he makes his eyelids close and his head loll over to one side. She stares at him for a while, before putting his outburst down to sleep-talking.


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