“High School Boys and Elevators” is the 92nd chapter of the manga.

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A colour spread of the Student Council members from Sanada North High.

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Hidenori is taking a trip in an elevator in an unspecified building. The elevator stops at the 4th floor and the door opens to reveal Yassan outside. She is shocked upon seeing him and Hidenori is downright scared upon seeing her. He edges to the back of the cabin as she enters. She presses a button and the doors close with a bang, trapping them within.
Ch92 1

Hidenori is trapped

Yassan stares at him unflinchingly this whole time and Hidenori turns white in fear. He screams in anguish inwardly at being cornered, with nowhere to run. He desperately tries to think of some means to escape, but is clueless. She continues staring into his eyes and he screams internally once more.

Suddenly, the doors open and she turns around. Without a word to Hidenori, she exits the elevator and the doors close again. Hidenori is confused as to what happened. Since this was unlike any of their prior meetings, he concludes that she wasn’t interested in him anymore. He admits to feeling a little lonely, but then begins to think that human nature is fickle anyway and it was nice that he was no longer her target.

Outside, Yassan is shown to be still walking with a grim expression. This transforms into one of extreme concentration and effort as she quickens her p
Ch92 2

Yassan runs back

ace. She ends up going into the restroom, revealing it to have been a toilet emergency that caused her to exit the elevator. She leaves the restroom a while later and runs in desperation to the elevator again.

Hidenori is then shown to be hiding behind a nearby wall, watching her run past. He too had exited the elevator to see what was really going on, and reacts with mixed relief and annoyance on finding out she only needed to use the restroom.


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