“High School Boys and Consideration” is the 91st chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

A color spread of the main trio.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The overly self-conscious girl walks close to the riverbank, humming a tune. Her humming progresses into singing and becomes quite loud. Suddenly, she stops, seeing Tadakuni sitting alone on the bank very close to her. She blushes, wondering if he'd heard her being that loud. Seeing no response from him, she decides to walk on as if nothing happened.

Tadakuni then starts humming the same tune, startling her. She is confused as to why he did this and thinks that even if he were trying to be considerate, she’d prefer him staying silent. Later, she’s seated in a crowded train. All of a sudden, her stomach growls loudly. She panics, flushing, then tries to calm down by thinking that not many people would have heard it in a noisy train.

A boy standing close to her makes a growling sound through clenched teeth. The girl gapes in shock when she realises it’s none other than Tadakuni. She inwardly appreciates his concern for her situation but wears a frustrated look as she thinks he’s making it worse.

She runs out of the train clutching her bag at the next stop, out of sheer embarrassment, despite knowing it’s the wrong station. While running, she trips over the leg of a bench and falls flat. Lifting her face in agony, she is startled to see Tadakuni again, who is standing with his back to her. She stares at him helplessly and in relief as he makes a pained expression and appears to be in thought.

He then walks straight ahead, ignoring the fallen girl. She yells after him hysterically, asking him why he wasn’t helping her this time.


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