“High School Boys and Hiccups” is the 90th chapter of the manga.

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Colour spread of the trio from High School Girls are Funky.

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Hidenori and Tadakuni are seated on some stairs. Hidenori asks Tadakuni if he found it cute if a girl couldn’t stop hiccupping. Finding the idea somewhat strange, Tadakuni responds in the negative.

Elsewhere, in Sanada North High’s Student Council room, Ringo hiccups. She says that somebody must be spreading rumours about her, causing Motoharu and the Vice President to stop their work and look at her. Having grabbed their attention, she repeats herself excitedly. The boys pretend to agree and she hiccups again.

After a short pause, she becomes flustered. Slamming the table with her hand, she yells that her explanation was for sneezes, not hiccups. The VP tells her not to hit the table, as she knocked the eraser off. Sighing, she crawls underneath to retrieve it, jostling the tables with her frequent hiccups. Motoharu asks the VP how one gets rid of hiccups, just as Ringo resurfaces.

She tells him it will go away once she passes it on to someone else, but becomes flustered again and says that’s only true for colds. The boys tell her they know that and that they’d help surprise her. The VP then tells her he has something to report. Between hiccups, she asks him what it is, and he tells her that the Student Council President had passed away the previous day.

Ringo seems struck to her roots and Motoharu tries to pacify her by saying it’s obviously false. The SCP then walks in. Seeing Ringo, he addresses her as East High’s mascot and asks her why she was always at North High. Turning around to see the supposedly-dead SCP, she lets out a wail of terror and falls in a faint. Motoharu and the VP are anguished at her gullibility having persisted even after they told her it was a lie.

Back at the staircase, Hidenori asks Tadakuni if he found girls who fainted to be cute. Tadakuni responds that he’d never seen anyone faint in the first place.


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  • The SCP is drawn with his eyes closer to his forehead than usual in this chapter.