“High School Boys and Frankfurters” is the 86th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 85. Hidenori flees from the arcade with his prize.

Detailed SummaryEdit

A group of students from Sanada North High are walking along a street. Motoharu and Hidenori are walking behind Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Mitsuo, who is eating a frankfurter. Mitsuo suddenly drops the frankfurter while bringing it to his mouth. Yoshitake, from his right, reacts sharply to ready himself for a catch. However, the sharp end of the stick strikes his palm and he yells in pain, loses his balance and sends the projectile upwards.

Hidenori comes rushing in from behind Mitsuo in an attempt to catch it, but the sharp end makes contact with his palm as well. He too yells and loses balance, launching the frankfurter ahead of the group. As the two boys fall, Motoharu continues the rescue attempt by making an outstretched dive along the ground. He slaps it hard, sending it flying a good distance away.

His target turns out to be Ringo, who is walking towards their general direction. The edible portion hits her squarely in the eyes and bounces off in a wide arc as she covers her face in pain. Takahiro’s friend is walking ahead of the group and the frankfurter enters the back of his shirt. He yelps, thinking it’s a bug, and fidgets to remove it. In doing so, he ends up turning around, grabbing the frankfurter and throwing it away from him in a perfect spiral.

The sharp end of the stick flies straight into Tadakuni’s chest. Tadakuni screams in pain, but fails to catch the frankfurter, and it drops to the ground. Hidenori and Yoshitake are upset. Mitsuo too stares in mild sadness at the fallen snack before picking it up.

Shrugging off the incident, he continues to eat it as normal. The others stare at him in mixed shock and disappointment for wasting their efforts.


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