“High School Boys and the Chemistry Club” is the 77th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 76. The self-conscious girl sits embarrassed in the train.

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It is after hours at Sanada North High. In the Chemistry lab, the Chemistry Club President tells the other members that they will be studying the decomposition of ozone. One of the members then asks if he could be excused from participating. The president refuses and asks him if he wants his neck broken.

A little startled, the student continues his objections, saying that club work was too boring and not flashy like he thought it would be. Calling him an imbecile, the president fells him with a punch to the face. He then whacks him with a stool, calling him an imbecile again. He tells him that club work is for their education, not for their entertainment.
Ch77 1

The president attacks the student

He then apologizes for punching him, but the student is upset that he didn’t apologize for hitting him with the stool. The student says he understands the president’s point, but that he too had the right to discontinue if uninterested. The president asks him to spit out what he really wanted to say. The student apologizes and bids farewell, having decided to quit the club for good.

As he prepares to leave, the president announces that it was time to get on with a much-awaited experiment. He carefully brings a test tube filled with a liquid towards a beaker. The excited student notes that that is the most famous experiment of the Chemistry Club, the ‘explosive liquid’ experiment. He runs to the president, withdrawing his earlier decision, and begs to be allowed to do the experiment.
Ch77 2

The student begs the president for another chance

The president refuses and tells him he has nothing to do with the club anymore. The student continues to beg animatedly. Alarmed, the president tells him not to shake anything. The room is then engulfed in an explosion.


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  • This chapter features no regular characters.
  • The Chemistry Club President and the other student are introduced.