“High School Boys and Horoscopes” is the 52nd chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 51. Hidenori sits on a bench with pieces of cake stuck to his face.

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Hidenori and Yoshitake are walking home from school, and Yoshitake is reading something about fortune-telling. He tells his friend that it is the worst day in a decade for Virgos like them. Hidenori responds that he doesn’t believe in horoscopes. Yoshitake says they’re interesting and adds that the two of them could die that day. Hidenori tells him not to be silly, and that nothing would happen. Right at that moment, a hornet lands on his mouth.
Ch52 1

Hidenori unwittingly walks straight into trouble

Silence ensues, with the boys staring at each other. Yoshitake becomes agitated when Hidenori suddenly lunges towards him. He tries to push him away and asks him what he's up to, but Hidenori overpowers him and gets closer. Now almost eye-to-eye, Hidenori smashes his face right into Yoshitake’s, squashing the hornet between their mouths and causing it to fall dead. As the two wipe their mouths, still reeling from the incident, Yoshitake curses Hidenori. He apologizes, saying he panicked.

The two then notice someone nearby. They're shocked to find out that it's Motoharu and that he saw the entire event unfold. As he walks past them, they frantically attempt to explain that it wasn’t what it looked like. Motoharu promises not to tell anyone. When they start following him and Yoshitake grabs his shirt, he turns, whips out his wallet and offers them 5000 yen. This thoroughly confuses them and they ask him why he’s giving them money. Ignoring the question, Motoharu tells them they should be glad the hornet was between them, as it prevented it from being their first kiss.
Ch52 2

Motoharu offers the others money, but they have no idea why

The boys stare at him in silence. Hidenori then angrily takes Motoharu to the ground with an elbow to the face, telling him to just own up if he understood the situation. Later, the duo are seen panting, and Yoshitake tells Hidenori it might just be the worst day ever, just like the horoscope predicted. Hidenori flares up, telling him not to be stupid and that it was just a coincidence. He repeats that he doesn't believe in horoscopes. Immediately, another hornet lands on his mouth.

A tearful Yoshitake tries to keep Hidenori from advancing towards him again, when they notice someone else nearby. The startled duo stop when they see that it's Karasawa, who is regarding them silently. He takes out some bug spray from his bag and blasts them in the face with it. The boys resign to the conclusion that fortune-telling was indeed scary.


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  • Hidenori and Yoshitake are revealed to be Virgos.
  • The hornet species that perched on Hidenori is the Asian Giant Hornet. It is known for its dangerous sting and is responsible for 30-40 deaths per yer in Japan.
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